John McCain

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    This guy has got to be doing something right for Limbaugh to hate him so much.

    Even though I am a registered Democrat, I can’t stand Obama or Clinton right now. If I had to vote today, it would be for this guy.




    Bom Bom Bom, Bom Bom Bomb Iran… best Beach Boys cover ever

    beep beep

    We call him the “Evil Eisenhower” since Eisenhower warned us of the military-industrial complex and McCain IS the military-industrial complex.


    He’s got my vote.


    this picture should be removed


    lol, politics


    lol is correct bob. Now that I think about it again, McCain isn’t any better than the other candidates. I guess I am trying to distance myself from the frothing mouths of people who I once thought I shared the same ideas with. It’s sometimes hard to see the bicephalous monster that is the American politcal system for what it truely is. Both heads argue just to distract us from what is really going on. Nothing really changes, policy wise. We continue to rack up a huge deficit, whether we try to increase spending in military or health care. This… Read more »



    Though I do agree.


    I just think we should give “ending the war in iraq” a shot. Thats all. And i don’t mean finishing it.


    but then tony governmental funding would be so thinly spread that you would not progress as a nation. as your goventment stands it would most likely spend the little funding they had on military and then subsequently all healthcare and other vital infrastructures would crumble under the pressure and lots of terrible nastiness would ensue. i say we make cthullu our next supreme overlord and be done with the human race. not ragging on you tony i thought you had some good points, except the constriction of governmental funding. *air hug* PS he just looks downright evil. utter neo con… Read more »


    fuck im a terrible speller please excuse



    I for one welcome our future war mongering president. For when we control the oil and gas is back down to 1.95gal you will be thankful that he killed all those sand monkeys so you can drive your large SUV’s


    I really hope he doesn’t get in. He’s almost as bad as Bush for wanting to use military force. And he wants to teach creationism.
    War + Creationism = Fail.