Wheelchair Crowd Surfer


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    anyone know what gig this is?

    ahhh crowdsurfing the funnest thing to do at a gig … if people don’t drop you.


    Actually this is crowd wheeling hence the wheelchair.


    this is fucking awesome.

    Sneaky Snake

    I’m not sure he’s doing that voluntarily.


    I’ve seen this before at the venue I work in Austin… ‘Cept it was a scooter, not a wheelchair. That, plus the rider, is 300+ lbs of Crowdsurfing insanity….

    Don’t get me wrong, I dig crowdsurfing, especially when it’s a babe. I’m actually the gentleman of the group because I just gently squeeze, as opposed to some freaks who grab, clench, twist, and pull! As if it can come off and they can keep it. That and no fingers up the butt when you’re over me.

    But when you weigh that much, you deserve to be cockpunched for risking massive bodily injury.

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