Warthogs & Snowcaps


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    I love A-10s, they just look so cool. Maybe it has something to do with the huge gattling CANNON on the nose, lol.


    Gotta love anything that’s basically a 30mm Gatling gun with wings… Warthogs FTW!!


    I love then for the fact that they are not as fast as the newer fightah jets. I love so observe a flying plane with nice background, not just to wooooosh away.


    When they fire that big ass gun, it actually slows the plane down so significantly that the pilots have to beware of stalling.


    No it doesnt. The GAU-8 doesn’t create that much kickback, even holding down the button. Sure, you’ll spit out all 1300-some-odd rounds in 30 seconds but there is zoer chance of it stalling. My friend Kim Campbell flies one for the Air Force. During a combat mission, she got hit, empied every round into the enemy’s rolling armor and still flew 45 minutes back to the FOB without any problems. Thunderbolt-2’s are sturdy, fly extremely well and are even more nimble than many fighter jets.

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