Scarlett Johanssen & Natalie Portman

Scarlett&Natalie2.jpg (735 KB)

imagine these 2 vs hayden & kristen, damn!!

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    no “om nom’s” for me to this pic, they both look kinda gross actually…


    You’re looking at the wrong place. Below the neck now


    I have to agree with hvymetal86 on this one….neither one looks very nom nom-alicious here, and I love both of them, especially Scarlett. And I’m drunk, so if I look at this tomorrow they’ll evidently look even worse.


    Yeah, that’s pretty much dithgusting.


    hayden and kristen win everytime.



    Yup. This broads are old hat.

    And what’s the deal with worldwide pants?

    Alec Dalek

    I remember when Natalie Portman was hot. Now she’d gone all “Britney”.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Natalie, if your out there, don’t listen to them! I still think you’re beautiful! I, too, have a Erdos number! Call me!


    “I remember when Natalie Portman was hot. Now she’d gone all “Britney”.”

    Is this a joke?


    No. Natalie has absolutely NOT gone Britney. That unfortunate train wreck is in a league all her own… Actually that may be incorrect. I think she’s sharing it with Courtney Love…

    But what’s the deal with the ridiculous eyelashes on scarlett?

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