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I do love me some papa johns!

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    despite rumors

    I haven’t had Papa John’s in years…now I’ sad…garlic butter…mmmmmm…


    Papa john’s is overpriced crap. Its actually at the bottom of my list of major pizza chains.


    I love Papa Johns. Their garlic butter is indeed Da Bomb!!! I’ve yet to find another pizza place that does garlic butter like they do… In fact, their pizza could be crap, (which it isn’t) but I’d prolly still get it for the garlic butter… 😛


    Word to the wise: if you order online, always order “square cut”. Odds are exceptionally high that they won’t read it, and they’ll screw it up. Don’t check the pizza box as the guy delivers it, and then if they don’t get it the way you ordered it, call them, and they’ll deliver another one. 2 for 1 deal every time. I’ve literally done this at least 10 times to the same place, which adds up to lots of penis. I mean pizza.


    Man… I hope you at least tip the pizza delivery guy both times.


    Papa Johns is made of ass and disgustingness.

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