Better than Password

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    This is AWESOME. Where can I buy one?


    I was like, “what the fuck, that won’t work!” then realized that was the point.


    It would work if the shackle is completely removable (but then it’ll inevitably get lost). But it’s easily countered by a small enough USB extension cable.


    Or for those who are really serious:

    The thing trashes the data after 10 failed password attempts. Also the memory is sealed in epoxy to thwart physical attack. Probably about as secure as a USB key can get.


    Just in case, you know, the government comes looking for your porn stash or something. The lengths men will go to protect porn, amazing.
    Little known fact: The whole Apollo program was all just an excuse for Neil Armstrong to hide his porn stash.

    Alec Dalek

    You could get around that easily by cannibalizing a USB extension cord and connecting the right wires to the right contacts.

    Alec Dalek

    …or maybe just 4 small wires…


    It would work perfectly fine with a USB extension cord, or if you have a USB port on the corner of your computer, like on certain laptops.

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