$50,000 Bill

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Alas for bank use only. Old Canadian $50,000 bill. That’s like eleventeen billion US dollars now.

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    Not counting inflation, 50k Canadian Dollars would be 49,910.15 US dollars.


    I googled, and could only find out when they were first issued (1896), not when they went out. I happen to have a few books on Canadian economic history, but I can only calculate inflation after 1910. But if my reckoning is right, $50, 000 Canadian in 1910 is worth about $925, 000 modern Canadian, rounded up and based on a ‘basket of goods’ (mostly food in bulk, certain cloths). Probably about the same in modern US.


    Damn caio, coming in here with a , “look, bitch you gonna get learnded,” attitude. Damn! I’d be happy to have either.



    Zimbabwe bank to issue $10m bill

    Zimbabwe has been in economic decline for the past eight years, with annual inflation widely thought to be in excess of 50,000%.

    The highest value note that will go into circulation on Friday is worth 10m Zimbabwean dollars.

    But that is worth less than US$3.90 (£2; 2.60 euros) on the black market.


    I thought that was Tzar Nicholas II at first

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