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    They like conservative Ron Paul, but they can’t stand liberal Leiberman.




    I think not.

    And who’s this “they” you speak of? Everyone I know who supports Ron Paul is a RAGING conservative.


    This image is some really indepth commentary. Despite the touch of humour, I find myself walking away more informed about the issues.

    purple banana

    I support Ron Paul… I’m financially conservative, and only a little bit liberal socially but not to the point of free hand-outs… I’m not a raging conservative.


    Free handouts has got to be the most meaningless phrase in politics. It basically means, ‘government spending that I personally do not approve of’. It’s the fiscal equivalent to calling people all people you just plain don’t like ‘fascists’.


    No, free handouts does not mean “government spending that I personally do not approve of” it means “the government taxes me (takes money I WORK FOR), and then gives that money to worthless pieces of shit on welfare because they don’t want to have a job.” (see that episode of some MTV show where Dirty Old Bastard (ODB) goes to the welfare office to try to collect) “Government spending that I personally do not approve of” is pork barrel spending like $25 million for some stupid fish in some governor’s home state that no one has cared about in ever.


    Used to refer to homeowner bailouts:
    Agricultural subsidies:
    A really stupid discussion involving expanding the civil service (or whatever you yanks call it) on Keynesian principles:
    (some one should have said ‘The US is mine and it owes me a living, ask me why and I’ll spit in your eye’)
    Raising the minimum wage, national health, marketplace interference (another vague term/complaint):
    National Health Care:
    Those are my first few google results for ‘free government handouts’ in quotations and not one has referred to welfare. By coincidence, these are all by righties, but lefties use the same term for corporate relief and so on. I also see the term frequently applied to science grants and public education, disturbingly. And of course, the fucking Space Program, possibly the only time ‘free government hand outs’ is semi-correct, but only if followed by ‘for the biggest masturbation project in human history’.
    So, yeah, welfare barely comes into it.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    ‘Welfare’ is kind of like fnord, people just loose all reason when they see it. People who are ok with literally losing billions of dollars in Iraq go batshit when they see one guy on TV get a welfare check that he doesn’t deserve.

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