Iron Man’s Car Wreck


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    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Mark my words…this movie will suck.
    From the writers of…nothing. And the director of Zathura comes the years biggest disappointment.
    The Dark Knight puts this to shame.


    You words were marked. It didn’t suck. At least by any appreciable margin.


    It only sucked while Maggie was in the theater.


    NOOO!!!! Not a Shelby Cobra 427/SC (or maybe kit)!!!!


    In Hollywood? Not even a kit – just a prop plastic shell on a bare frame Probably doesn’t even have a drivetrain.


    Of course Dark Knight puts this to shame, but I still think it’ll be better than the Spider-man trilogy (which isn’t saying much, so, better than Superman Returns).

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    that’s still not saying much, schulz. Superman Returns was shit. Superman:Doomsday is a direct-to-DVD cartoon and it stomps Returns’ balls.
    I hope magnus is wrong. Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t need a director or even a script to play Iron Man.

    T G Geko

    Oh noes! iron Man broke the Mark V! Now thats 2 movies ruined!


    Yeah, I only really liked that one scene where he went up after the plane/shuttle. And when he was trying to slow the plane as it fell. Even that was kind of stupid, because he grabbed the TIP of the wing, and put all sorts of stress/pressure on the joint, if he had grabbed it near the thick end where it meets the body of the plane, it would have worked out much better. I just tried to think of another shitty comic->movie and threw it up real quick.


    someone should photoshop a toronto maple leafs jersey (#2) on this.