Presidential Candidates

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    And if you don’t like the choices you’re given by the Democrat-Republican cartel, change the system so third parties have a chance.


    Or you could just run under whatever party you want, no matter what your agenda is, like McCain.


    I have to say, is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. America (and Canada and the UK) is in desperate need for proportional representation for its legistlatures: The power of the president is massively exagerated. Have you noticed that Bush hasn’t been getting into much shit since the dems took over in congress? There’s a reason. A multiparty system isn’t feasable for a one-man position, really. Multi-party shines in the legislature. Do you realize that in virtually every multi-party republic (republic in the traditional meaning), the Head-of-State is still two-party? But it doesn’t fucking matter what the pres is… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “How about making the entire cabinet elected, ensuring accountability is spread around instead of just having one ruler of the entire civil service?” The is a great idea and not the first time I’ve heard it proposed. Another advantage is that when electing a President, we have to balance a number of issues (eg I agree with democrats on civil rights but agree with republicans on gun control), but if only voting for, say, a Secretary of Defense, then I don’t have to consider his view on welfare, education, etc. because that isn’t his job. Instead of having a jack-of-all-trades… Read more »

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