Cthulhu Crossing

cthulhucrossing.jpg (224 KB)

Slow down there, speedy. Cthulhu will devour your soul.

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    Bad shop job.


    and who the hell can go infinity miles per hour?

    no one. that’s who. no one with mass, anyway.


    chuck norris can go infinity mph how dare you say that?
    oh well chuck prolly roundhouse kicked your ass past infinity mph by now anyway


    Cthulhu vs Chuck Norris… my bet is on Cthulhu.


    chuck norris is from wilson, oklahoma, which is just past the armpit of the state. let me tell you one thing. all the poontang in that little town smells like maple syrup and cigarette smoke.

    and if that was not bad enough, if Chuck was as bad ass as all that, he would have come back in time and kicked his own ass for Walker: Texas Ranger.

    on these 2 points alone, Cthulhu wins.


    No, you don’t seem to realize that Chuck could have gone back in time, kicked his own ass, then given the space time continuum a swift roundhouse kick in the harbls so it would seem like his own self inflicted ass kicking never happened… Cthultu doesn’t stand a chance…


    no, no, phyreblade. Cthulhu wins because Walker:Texas Ranger is still in syndication.