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Next to Ergo Proxy, bleach has to be one of the greatest anime series out there

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    according to one of my friends wh LOVES bleaech says after this season or something it gets pretty craptastic………….
    . like a mundane story and lame characters and whatnot
    and whaddya expect?
    the season theyre doin now is pretty much a “final season finale” plot
    hard to top it
    but i do love the show


    great show…dudes with big ass swords, cant go wrong


    Ergo Proxy is like 1000 times less sucky than Bleach. Bleach is sure fun to watch, though.

    tiki god

    Why do both of those shows make me want to do laundry?


    oh gawd tiki XD


    natedog votes for ghost in the shell


    I have a new Idea for an Anime, guys, It’s called “Let’s stick random shit words into the title which have nothing to do with the subject matter” I doubt Bleach is an Anime about either laundry or Michael Jackson. Ergo Proxy? Now I may not have a concrete denotation of those words, but I have the sense of their conventional connotation, and that makes no damn sense. At least Neon Genesis Evangelion was random Latin shit. Even the New James Bond Movie, “Quantum of Solace” makes sense. Unless you work for Newsweek, who knocked it for “Making no sense… Read more »


    Ergo proxy was awesome untill the end. Then it turned into a train wreck. Still better than bleach. 🙂


    I have to say I used to think Bleach was awesome, but yeah, even the manga has gotten pretty crappy lately. The soul society arc was great, but ever since it’s been boring. Anime series in general have me pretty unimpressed as of late. We really must do away with filler. I’m sticking to manga.

    Oh, and Excelsior, the theory goes that that “Bleach” is in reference to Ichigo’s orange (possibly-bleached) hair. Not that that makes it any better.


    Bleach is definitely being stretched out to far.

    – You have to watch Ergo Proxy to get the meaning of it’s name. They explain it, but I’m to lazy to type that all out from memory. Loved it tho.

    And My favorites would be in a 3 way tie between FLCL (short and confusing as hell), Code Geass (Ongoing, main character is pretty much a terrorist bent on taking over the world), and Heroic Age (Giant creatures destroying planets in the middle of huge space battles).


    Serial Experiment Lain, Cowboy Bebop, and Trigun. I’m weird that way.


    samurai champloo and cowboy bebop both destroy bleach, also full metal aint bad


    Ergo Proxy was cool. Cowboy Bebob, Samurai Champloo, and Trigun were da bomb. I’m on the fence about FMA. It was cool, but… Bleach started well then went the way of Naruto…

    I’m beginning to think that long running animes and consistent quality are anathema to each other… Especially manga conversions that employ massive “filler arcs”… Bah!