Super Sniper Perch


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    smells like a repost


    “Go higher. Ok, now turn to the —NOT BANK! NOT BANK!”


    wouldn’t the down draft from the propellers drastically change the trajectory of the bullet?


    Probably not, the bullet would be out of the area of effect so fast I don’t think it would register any changes. But I don’t have any Science! to back me up, just a guess.


    “In the extreme case of a battlefield or natural disaster area rescue, the pilot or co-pilot of an AH-64 Apache will ride on the outside of the helicopter so the passenger(s) can sit inside. At Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo, Aug. 25, Soldiers practice the tricky operation. Photo by Sgt. Stephen Proctor”

    Lots more pics here:


    Yeah, I think schulzbrianr is right, I don’t think the rotor wash would have any effect on the outgoing round. I’d think your biggest problem would be actually aiming a rifle with all the vibration and movement you’d be experiencing. And just forget about any kind of long range sniping from that perch…


    Why would anyone snipe off a gunship anyway? It has an array of giant amazing weapons for the job. Real reason is quite interesting, thanks Mr/Ms Duck