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Girl Genius is the shit… but then again, anything Phil Foglio does is at least awesome. And I LMAO when I first read this scene last year.


Just like when Fry drinked 100 cups of coffee.

T G Geko

Speaking of coffee: Starbuck’s World Domination Plan:

1. Get everyone addicted to coffee (this might take a few centuries)
2. Set up a Zerg rush of coffee shops all over the free world.
3. ?????
4. Profit (Naturally)


No it’s not…

But every now and then you get some coke that is.

tiki god

There are so many people that like Girl Genius, but I just can’t get into it. Is it the terrible site design? The inability to find a good jumping on point? No clue. This brings me to the #1 gripe that i have about 99% of all the webcomics that advertise on MCS. They just link you to their latest page, which is usually right in the middle of some shitty storyline, and often makes no sense in the context that it’s presented. I’d be happy with a landing page for the advertisement, with a quick explanation of what to… Read more »