Cloverfield Monster Revealed

It’s behind a cut to not to spoil the movie for those that haven’t seen it :



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    I wish it had looked a little more like that concept art. I felt the monster design in the movie could have been a bit better, but I do like that is fairly original. I love the fucking flea things.

    beep beep

    I saw the concept art. I really wanted the monster to be a huge whale-monster, but alas. It was a good movie, considering there was absolutely no substance to it.


    so is it worth waching? or does it suck like I am Legend?


    I am Legend was pretty good, but I guess if they made it better, and 5 hours long like king kong you would complain it was too long.

    Sneaky Snake

    I Am Legend > Cloverfield > War of the Worlds

    Sneaky Snake

    Wait, shit. Reverse that, heh.


    I’m glad it’s not bipedal like Godzilla or his foes. It actually looks like it could possibly exist. Those “offspring” things were fucking creepy, especially on that news report and what happened to that Marlena girl.


    The whole movie I was like, ‘Who the fuck is that Marlena girl!” She played Janis Ian in Mean Girls (I don’t remember which girl she was, its been awhile) and more importantly she played a character named Sara on ‘Freak and Geeks’ I gotta get that fucking set.


    “That’s a Zergling Lester, smaller type of zerg, they wouldn’t be out this far unless… oh shit.”


    It’s true, they totally did rip off those things from the Zerg. Big surprise, more unoriginality from the Great Minds of Hollywood.


    No need to worry about a spoiler, this movie spoiled itself-because it sucked!


    They have a shampoo to remove monsters like that.


    This movie will create a core of raving lunatic fans. I might be one of them.


    I liked it. I pirated it, but I think I’ll get in on DVD when it comes out. Hooray for giant evil fish thingies!

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