The Berlin Wall


 1.) Is this really the Berlin Wall?

2.) Is this section still there?

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    1) Yes
    2) Not this part


    This section of the wall has been removed, but the course is still marked on the ground. There’s not so much green left and right of the Brandenburg Gate since a lot construction took place in the death strip since 1990. Actually, except for the Brandenburg Gate it looks completely different today.

    They have preserved a pretty long strip of the wall in Bernauer St. It’s pretty creepy when your standing there.

    antje gives you a good aireal overview.

    This section of the wall was already gone on Oct 3, 1990, the date of the reunification. I went to Berlin for this event and walked through the Brandenburger Tor shown on your picture in the night with lots and lots of other Germans. At midnight we stood in front of the Reichstag building ( about 250m north of the Brandenburger Tor and watched the official ceremony.

    That was 17 years ago. Boy, I feel old now.


    there is no Berlin Wall…. don’t you remember President Ronald Raygun saying: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” So Gorby tore it down… end of story.


    Yea, only because Ronny comanded it. Noone but Master Raegan could’Ve done that.


    I was in Berlin in June or July of 1990 and actually broke off my very own piece of the Berlin Wall along with a piece of rebar from inside the Wall. It was cool. The group I was with passed into what was still considered East Germany at one of the checkpoints that still had E.German guards stationed. They looked at us and waved us through like they didn’t care to be at work that day.
    I was there when the set-up for Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” concert was taking place.


    jhoelscher … well not exactly. First Gorby let Chief Secretary Honecker of DDR know that he/USSR would no longer be backing up the efforts of the wall dividing the two Germanys. Within weeks that decision was made public when he had let Chancellor Kohl and Reagan know his “Perestroika” plans. Reagan seeing an “opportunist moment” flew to Germany to meet with Kohl and make a “speech” at the wall. 200 hundred people were quickly bused in from US Military bases to cheer Reagan’s empty “declaration” out of ear shot of 3000 Reagan protesters nearby … I was there (as media).… Read more »