Ron Paul’s New Campaign Slogan

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The truth hurts

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    Contrary to popular belief, Ron Paul only enjoys Sonic Youth’s ouvre after their seminal 1987 release Sister.

    Ron Paul for president 2008.


    Ron Paul does like ‘expressway to ur skull’, though. That song just rocks.

    Ron Paul for president 2008.


    Ron Paul is not irrelevant.

    he wants to down size government, let you keep your money, and bring our soldiers home from the 130 countries they are in.

    i love it


    Yeah, lets give the presidency to another extremist republican… they have been doing great these last 8 years.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    and extremist democrats kind of sucked for the previous eight years, what are you going to do?
    I agree with most of what Ron Paul stands for, but there is no way he’ll be in the campaign by the time my state hold primaries, so I’ll never have a chance to vote for him.
    Still, I gave him $50, man should have some walking money.


    extremist? c’mon now…

    putting value in the constitution?

    letting people keep their money?

    Fixing our devalued currency?

    Less war, and troops here at home protecting us?

    Smaller, less intrusive government?

    Habeus Corpus and individual rights?

    how are any of these things extreme?


    Ron Paul is quite a bit different than Mr. Bush. Bush = pro war Paul = no soldiers overseas ever unless congress declares war The problem I have is this (though some misinformation might be present: Now that we’ve got soldiers all over the world, us suddenly removing troops is gonna make us look like a bunch of idiots. I understand that we need to withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan, and it will happen. But I don’t agree with removing bases we have all over the world. In peaceful countries where we’ve had bases, if they ask us to leave,… Read more »


    See? Ron Paul can even get an evolutionist/non-evolutionist to agree…

    why not put him in the white house?


    : Only in Britain during American expansion.


    Colonial expansion, I mean.


    So we agree on having him as President. Settled.


    fuck that shit. do not want senile creationist bastard for president. kthxbai



    Ron Paul is an OBGYN doctor who is against abortion. however, he wont force his beleifs on you through the law. he beleives it should be a state issue and that it is not the federal government’s role to tell you what to do with your body.

    Ron Paul isnt senile or a bastard, and if he is a creationist, he wont shove it down your throat.

    and isnt that what we really want anyway? freedom to be what you want?





    I gess spellin’ ain’t ther strung soot, but wood ewe expekt intelligunce frum won whu cain’t see teh truf dat Ron Paul iz teh onlee candidate dat iz diffrunt frum de udders.

    Professor Cramulus

    I gotta respect the Ron Paul contingent. You guys have a sixth sense for whenever The Candidate is mentioned on the internet, and you pour out with coordination and zeal. Hearing the same seven things over and over again is getting kind of old, but I suppose it’s no different from how the other jerks are campaigning. I don’t usually vote for Freemasons, but in RP’s case I might make an exception.


    “Given the inefficiencies of what D.C. laughingly calls the `criminal justice system,’ I think we can safely assume that 95 percent of the black males in that city are semi-criminal or entirely criminal,” – Ron Paul

    Yeah, how can you NOT LOVE this guy!?!

    “If you have ever been robbed by a black teen-aged male, you know how unbelievably fleet-footed they can be.”

    WOOHOO! It’s about time we had a Southern Partisan subscriber running for prez! This guy is AWESOME!



    I liek how that article is from an extremist left-wing site. Here’s one for you to balance out this article:

    Oh, and somebody needs to post this pix onto digg.


    I’ve seen a lot of Ron Paul threads, and I’ve gotta say, the last four posters win this thread almost as much as Ron Paul will win in 2008.


    It’s nice to see how much fear the Paul campaign is striking into the astroturfing hearts of the red daiper neocons. It makes me think America might win this election cycle.


    You’re right aminorex. I fear any racist who against traction among the ignorant. I am not opposed to his views on many things, but where he is wrong, he is fatally so. There are many libertarians I would vote for in a heartbeat over Paul.


    We need a common person.
    I’m tired of extremists.

    Can’t we elect common sense, instead of one seemingly normal guy, that, with the weight of the country bearing down on him, won’t buckle, and will just deal with things one day at a time?

    Why do we need the person with the biggest budget?

    And on a side note, Ron Paul will win by a landslide I predict.

    Not because of his policies, or beliefs, simply because he’s neither black, nor a woman. That’s the American population for yah.


    come on, Kaze.

    the American population is made up of many blacks and women. and i would say that the biggoted asshole is not the majority here.

    just look at the friggin candidates. Hillary and Obama are at the top.


    This is true, but none the less, I don’t think the American population is ready for such a milestone for history.

    And I think that in masses, people want whats comfortable, a seemingly normal looking person, who’s got skeletons in the closet that, once uncovered, turns them into a tyrant.

    I’ve got the “Aliens vs Predator” effect here. It seems no matter who wins, we all lose.


    if ron paul wins, big government loses…


    When was the last time a president had lived up to the full extent of his word? I’d wager not since 1992. This doesn’t mean it’s an impossibility, it just means that the state of affairs left from an imbecile don’t seem to be solved overnight. Bush built himself up a tangled web so that his corrupted views can’t be changed in this country. How can any future president revoke the patriot act? How can I be sure that “Big Brother” government won’t open my mail, check my cd’s, and read my letters before delivering them? (which is now in… Read more »