Firefox v. IE

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    Firetits! I mean, Boobiefox! Dammit…


    firefox is the shizzy boo for browsing the web, but for building the web IE is the only way to go.

    mmm foxtits , no wait…dammit


    so is she the founder of the company that makes firefox or something? I fail to see how the two compare.


    you must be fun at parties


    That’s quite a quick mind and shap sense of humour you got there Max


    Who cares how they compare, just om nom nom nom on the boobies.


    Bill gates NSFW


    Actually that’s a pretty hawt pic of Gates. Comparatively.


    Oh and FYI.

    Bill Gates is a Jew.


    Oh, wow, Firefox can be slower by miliseconds and also about 8 lines of code aren’t technically free source.

    And yet, I haven’t seen an add or popup or virus on my computers since I started using firefox, and I spend hours fixing the computers of people using IE. Gosh, that website posted by Iddq’s post-cry-drama sockpuppet really is going to persuade me.

    (ps I remember you posting that site as Iddq)


    Yeah, when I used IE, my computer was raped by popups, worms, trojans, and I had to install manually every friggin extersion to the browser.
    Now I use FF, no popups what so ever, never had problem with aware, and I can easly install ever program I need through the browser.

    Also, boobiefox.


    i find Firefox 100X faster than IE, when i have to use Ie i want to kill myself, cause of the god damn pop ups, and super long loading…

    Luke Magnifico

    “To the fanboys Firefox goes beyond an obsession”


    He’s the one who compiled this giant, badly worded, irrelevant list.

    Whoever made it, fuck them. Fuck them in the ass. And so on, and so forth.


    “firefox is the shizzy boo for browsing the web, but for building the web IE is the only way to go.”

    I build the web, and I target firefox first b/c if it looks right in firefox it usually looks right in nutscrape, opera, and safari. Then, I “tweak” (retrofit) the css so it looks right in ie.

    Leave it to microsoft to expect everyone else to conform to their lazy crap.


    Did the guys who wrote that list ever try to make a website for IE? Takes fucking forever to try and make the damn thing work in IE when both Safari and Firefox already display the page correctly. It gets to the point where I just want to say fuck IE users.

    For reference:

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    It is uber-hilarious that iddqd/diabeetus would bash on firefox. See, back when he posted as iddqd, he used to post some troll links like the last comment in this thread.
    In IE, that link will screw up your browser so much that you’ll have to restart your computer. In firefox, its merely annoying and you hit the back button. So iddqd probably just doesn’t like firefox because he can’t troll as much.


    Yeah… It’s unfortunate that I have to work on government computers that will never let go of Microsoft and IE…

    I surf on my Macbook Pro and don’t have any problems, ever.


    to bad your a gay mac lover two tone


    Yeah, it really is a shame that I am able to do everything I would ever need to do on my mac without having to worry about all the bullshit that PC users have to go through. I work on PCs all day every day –12 hours a day, 7 days a week– and I am completely satisfied with my Mac. It boots up faster than shit, it runs quiet, no blue screen of death. Best laptop I ever had, even better than the Dell XPS I used to have…. What really is a shame is that you can’t write… Read more »


    your computer is faster then shit considering shit doesn’t really move only if it is falling out of your ass into a toilet then it can only go as fast as gravity wills it. can it sneak up on ninjas too or is it not quiet enough? don’t insult someone when your sentences are fucked up too. “It boots up faster than shit, it runs quiet, no blue screen of death.” my engrish is amazering then yours. its also a shame that you will work half of your life away


    I lulled a little bit, just now…. Is it really work if you’re doing something you enjoy and learn from and excell at? I’ll tell you one thing, I don’t think of it as work, and it sure as shit pays well. Besides, I’m in Iraq. What am I going to do with time off? Time off is time wasted if you ask me. There is nothing productive to do out here outside of work; escept for poker. When I finally decide to go back to the states I’ll get a job that I enjoy and work my little 40… Read more »


    Don’t feed the troll.



    do it faggot
    Do it faggot


    : Stop ya messin around. Betta think of ya future, or you’ll wind up in jail.


    Firebird was better…


    I’ve met Bill Gates. Had to deal with him several times at Microsoft events I was working.

    He’s a dick.

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