The L Word Cast


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    yes, yes, yes, yes, no.
    yes, no, yes and no.


    I call dibs on the top row, second from the left. Mine.


    Mia Kirschner, good call. Also, to her left, Sarah Shahi is also a winner.


    And, Ando, the bottom right, Shane (I forget the actress’s real name) is actually one of my fave’s as well. This pic isn’t flattering though.


    why can’t I be a photographer for this kind of stuff? and as usual OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM rpt x 50


    sweet lesbo mother of almighty fapping god!!!11oneuno i’d tap ’em all escept for the black woman, not because she is black just because she is too old but i’d trade them all for Mia Kirschner.


    I highly encourage you all to watch “The L Word.” Girls will think you are sensitive, and they don’t know that you really watch it because girls make out and have sex and stuff.


    So this show has everything: Girls and sex. TV land is saved.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Lesbians are a myth.

    All attractive women are bisexual.

    That’s how we know God is a man.

    This show has hot bitches.

    I’d bang every chick in that pic. Even Pam Grier if I could kill her after for looking like Bill Cosby.


    I heard this show has nice… plots.


    YES YES yes, No, No
    maybe, no, yes, Rose McGowan? Yes please


    Ok, how exactly do you figure that a girl won’t figure out that the only reason we would watch this is to see girls making out? Would you beleive me if I said that I go to hooters for the wings?

    BTW is that Pam Grier? She’s still alive? I’d never be able to correctly guess her age from this pic…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Rose McGowan is not in that picture nor on that show.


    Yes, it is Pam Grier, and she doesn’t look bad (considering), and, you would be surprised what girls are willing to believe. The reverse is also true, you would (or probably wouldn’t) be surprised what girls can tell us, or make us do. Anyway, girls think guys watch porn for sex (which is true) but if you mention you watch “The L Word” they think you like a TV show for it’s cast, and plot, and all that shit. It’s win/win.


    (and slightly mAgnUS)
    That is Jennifer Beals (who had a birthday in the past couple days if I recall correctly). Star of “Flashdance”? Definitely NOT Rose McGowan. You did mean the fourth one, right? Or possibly the last one (bottom right) who plays “Shane” in the show, who still isn’t Rose McGowan.


    something about the one second from the left on the bottem row just gets my attention. no idea she is just hot (in my opinion) heard this show will score rep with GF so its a maybe


    The second and fourth on row 2 look like traps. Emo traps.


    I’ve never seen the show but I’m just going to blissfully and willfully assume that ‘L’ doesn’t stand for ‘Lesbian’ and that this isn’t some kind of cheesy new low for softcore (I’m assuming again) Showcase porn.


    And Ando, thank you for informing us that you would only do the white women. Keep that gene pool nice a small, man.


    the one bottom row
    to the very right
    looked like rose
    but i looked closer
    i decided other wise
    im so ashamed…………….
    i still might tap that


    Oh dear! Estrogen overdose. Guys… Please… for the sake of your body hair and your potential man-boobs: Stay away from such a high concentrations of women.
    The drama will infest your brains. Much like Alzheimer’s.
    I’m a woman. I know this stuff. Listen to me. K?


    congratulations, you managed to pick the one cast member who is a lesbian in real life. Good on you.


    Not much of a selection of black women is it though?
    Black or white, top right has a face like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle. I wouldn’t do her with yours.


    Fair enough… though, to tell God’s truth, she’s the only one that doesn’t look suspiciously like some airbrushed, digitally altered, plastic-surgeried, made-over half-human. My best friend in high school was a lesbian, and she would often take me to parties consisting mainly of lesbians. I really hate to generalize here, but very few of those Lesbians had designer haircuts or wore makeup, nor did they dress this trendily: Nor did they wear tight, revealing clothes for that matter. Now, the sampling of hundreds of lesbians I was exposed to might have been some unusual freak sample of ultra-rare non-supermodel… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    , I think you can generalize that to all people. Very few people that I meet in real life look like airbrushed, digitally altered, plastic-surgeried, made-over half-humans that are movies and TV.
    It’s terribly disappointing.


    boo-fucking-hoo dude
    youre preaching the wrong scripture to the choir
    Any MCS user knows that theres no one lesbean in there. there all bi
    wise up then start telling me what you think i need to kno
    i may not pay attention tho


    If it’s on TV or a movie screen, it’s bullshit. Entertaining? Maybe. Hot? Sometimes. Real? No. Even “reality” or “nature” or “documentaries” are biased, edited, altered, or generally untrue in some way or another. It’s a shame so many viewers tend to forget or ignore that.


    Man-hating lesbians are a complete turn off for me. No matter how hot they are. They are ALL fucked up in the head. I work with a LOT of lezzies…. they are the most fucked up chicks on Earth. AND- they recruit straight chicks into their life style. Pester them until they give in. I’ve seen it happen many times. Hell, they did it to one of my best friends. Now Mindi is a man-hater. She only liked men until she made “friends” with some lezzies. What a shame. Guys- don’t waste your time talking to them, or lusting after… Read more »