Grant Imahara


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    He very well might be the devil…..beware!


    not the devil, but definitely one of his minions.

    Sneaky Snake

    2nd smartest guy on Mythbusters?


    Quite possibly the smartest


    Sexy. Smart. What more could a girl ask for, besides straight?


    Yeah, that does seem to be his point of failure.


    Oh, and the sexy part….. in my opinion..

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Looks like Bill Cosby.


    he is coming to lecture at my campus in February

    tiki god

    get pictures, and submit them to mcs!!!!!!!



    @Sneaky Snake/roamingidiot
    By my reckoning Grant is, in fact, the smartest guy on MythBusters. As far as I can tell, he’s the only one who seems to consistently actually come up with objective scientific methods for busting myths. The others are all hit or miss…


    i enjoy the ones where things happen they are the best



    Sorry, but guys don’t come in the “supreme” package. Of smart, sexy, and straight, you’re pretty much guaranteed any two of the three, at best. Sorry.


    Im not quite sure why.. but I hate this guy.

    He just seems so.. idk. retarded sometimes.
    Sometimes I think he’s only on the show to provide the scientific point of view, or to draw those pictures on the blue paper at the beginning.

    Or maybe MythBusters needed some cultural diversity or they’d get sued.


    Errm… Why would providing a scientific perspective make him retarded? I’ll admit to being anal retentive about the shows decided lack of objective scientific method before Grants arrival, but I consider his contribution a good thing…

    I might also add that he was the builder of one of my favorite battle bots before doing this show. So I might be biased, but how can a guy who did that be considered retarded?!?


    Oh wow, battle bots, That brings back memories. Like when there were some on the Screensavers. Back when G4 was TechTv. God I miss TechTv. And remember back when G4 used to be a mostly gaming network and not just another guy network. I miss that.

    There used to be intelligent programming on that channel. Ah well, at least I still have Adam and Morgan. Adam is sexay. 🙂


    Brigantyna, never listen to someone whose screen name has the word “lonely” in it. They tend to be bitter and full of shit.


    Congratulations garbledxmission!

    You are the 1,000,000th person to think you’re clever and original by pointing that out.

    Perhaps someone as witty and creative as you could point out exactly *why* my name has “lonely” in it? Or is this task too trying even for you?