Future Hiro

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Hiro looks really bad-ass in this pic, Heroes is brilliant 😀

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    Heroes isn’t brilliant, Heroes is a watered down version of Lost.

    The Lawnmower

    Heroes is alright. The first season started out good but then it went with the Lost ‘what contrived plot twist can we do this week?’ style of writing. Still, it’s not as bad.

    If it is ‘watered down’ in the sense that it doesn’t has as many stupid plot twists, then that is a good thing.


    Not to mention, it’s a huge rip-off of Watchmen.


    No, I mean watered down as in, it’s more predictable and obvious.


    Lost is a watered down version of itself, and is also extremely predictable. For example, if they so they’re going to finally give you the answer to some question, it will inevitably not answer the question completely and give you four to six more questions that will never be fully answered. Fucking Lost! I still love both shows, though.


    I read somewhere (too lazy to look up the exact wording) that Tim Kring (or whatever) said that he was sorry he went the romance line with this season, that he thought that’s what fans wanted. He said that they’ll go back to the adrenaline fueled storyline next time, or something. I also thought that this season was a bit weak compared to season one, but I’ll watch pretty much anything with Kristen Bell, so, I’m stuck.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I wish it were a rip-off of Watchmen, that might actually be good.
    Instead its a soap opera by some writers that heard of comic books, but haven’t read any. It was obvious from day one that the writers no idea about plot structure and character development, let alone issues unique to the superhero genre, like balancing of powers.
    Justice League, a cartoon, was 100x better than Heroes.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Heroes is the worst written show on TV.

    It takes the Lost approach of questions without answers and just runs with it.

    No resolution what so ever. 2D characters.


    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    also agree with reboot

    Justice League was amazing. Too good for its own good I guess.

    Stupid WB dumped it. Dumb asses.


    Have to disagree. Heroes is brilliant.

    Comparison to Lost – sorry, but no. If you want to make THAT comparison then Lost and Fantasy Island would have even more in common.

    Comparison to Watchmen – sorry, but no. There is the barest of superficial similarities. No Rohrschach. No Doc Manhattan. You missed the point of the Watchmen if you can make any comparison between it and Heroes.

    BTW… Watchmen was brilliant on a level that Hollywood can never reach.

    Heroes does borrow many ideas. But what doesn’t.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    ack, there’s more to those “compare and contrast” essay in English than just the setting and characters. Similarities between Lost and Heroes 1(the big one). Story advancement is based on teasing the audience with “mysteries” rather than developing plot, conflict and structure. 2. Large cast of underdeveloped characters 3. Ham-fisted attempts to have internal conflict; attempts are thwarted by pathetic actors. 4. Plot holes that a meth fueled trucker could drive cross-country through. It amazes me that shit that would’ve been laugh out of community college writer’s workshop is being aired on network TV. And people call it good. The… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Heroes is so far from brilliant.

    I gave it 3 shots. Each time thinking “maybe the last one I saw was just particularly badly written?”. But no. They all suck. The writing is just so fucking bad it’s insane. Like soap opera style dialogue mixed with some posited theory with no scientific basis what so ever and then a big helping of no closure.

    It’s like 12 year old girls who think they’re really smart write it.


    I guess that I am assuming a few things… such as: 1. It is a television series that is paid for by advertisers. It is, by nature, going to be in installments that encourage you to watch the next episode. 2. It is mainstream American. From what I have seen, US network TV does not encourage plots that require you to think for yourself – everything has to be spelled out, no matter how unnecessary that is. Maybe this ties in to point 1, a person who is busy thinking about the plot may miss an advertisement. I do see… Read more »


    There are a few shows that do require thought. However, Fox cancels them after one season (I know not all of these are Fox shows, just a list of good shows that were cancelled after one season): Firefly Jericho Keen Eddie Point Pleasant Harsh Realm That’s just a list of the one’s I have on DVD, I’m sure there’s more. Back on Heroes. Yes, it isn’t the best show ever, but as a show with a large cast, you may identify with one character, and they spend 90% of the time on the others, so you get frustrated. The fact… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Angel was well written.

    Now Supernatural is. Because they grabbed up the best ex Angel writers like Ben Edlund.

    Rome was really well written.

    Deadwood was well written.

    Hell there’s lots of good TV out there. But people like shit. Shit is easier for them because it requires no genuine intellectual investment. Easily dismissed, predictable, badly written shit. Heroes is shit.


    Never watched Angel, but I do watch Supernatural, watched Rome and Deadwood as well, and Entourage, Eureka, lots of other shows. I just watch bad shit to fill time, or in the case of Heroes, I thought the first season was actually worth watching, and the second season has/had Kristen Bell.



    Angel started off with good writing. Then rapidly ended up spiraling it’s way down the crapper, just like Heroes and all the others. I think there is still hope for heroes if indeed the writers decide to turn it around and maybe give it an actual plot…

    Eureka I actually found like able.

    Want good vampire writing? Go see if you can find “Forever Knight”