The C-String


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    What will sluts think up next?


    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. Seriously, boyshorts (tangas?) are the only kind of underwear girls should wear. Well, a bra, but they need to invent one that isn’t so damn hard to unclasp.


    I’m a little confused as to the whole logistics of this situation. Does the ‘string’ go inside the girl’s orifice of choice or is it floss??


    i guess the outer ring is made of flexible plastic or metal that is used to clasp onto the female’s pelvis without the use of strings. i could be wrong.


    @ schulzbrianr: Really? Thumb and pointer finger pinch usually works fine for me.

    despite rumors

    Um. Ow.


    To be honest, I haven’t had much practice?


    @ schulzbrianr
    Just put one of your mom’s bras on a pillow and practice on that.


    Or is it that the girls that schulzbrianr spends his time with are not old enough to wear bras?

    Now, that’s a scary though…

    I’m just messin’ with ya schulzbrianr!


    schulzbrianr; you are my hero for posts 2 & 7.


    You’re welcome, I suppose. Also, I’m an American, so my parents are divorced (thank God, I hate my mom) and not only does that mean there are no bra’s around for practice, I would rather spill acid on my testicles than touch anything that has touched that woman. However, I did see an episode of “That 70’s Show” where the stoner tells the tall kid to buy a bra, practice with it, then give it as a present to his abnormally tall girlfriend, and that seems like a plan. However, I would guess that you need to size it properly,… Read more »




    Hahaha, oh wow. I, too, prefer little girls (not that 12 year olds), but I like skinny girls with big hips/boobs, which pretty much makes me an asshole, I guess. At least, according to a lot of people.


    LOL schulzbrianr you are a funny mofo. I to love little girls, and just realized that in saying that it can sound really bad… little meaning short, im 6’2″ and chicks as tall as me are a little intimidating…


    oh also C-String, a little overboard, i agree whith shulz on the little boyshort things, very hot.


    I hope the C-string dies a horrible death. It looks uncomfortable and evil. Why not just wear nothing?


    Because wearing nothing would be too slutty, obviously….


    I bet the next thing will be just a piece of ducktape.
    Also, I love small and skinny girls too. It fells great to grab their waist, and just move them anywhere.


    holy shit. this thing is CREEPY. i wonder who invented it, a man or woman? as a female, i find this weird and unnecessary. either wear a thong, or go commando. personally, i’m a boyshorts kinda girl. they are comfy, and arent a permanent wedgie, like thongs. plus, you always look hot wearing just a tank top and boyshorts. i find most of my male friends don’t complain…


    up next: the string