Transformers Wallpaper


Just watched this in HD.

It still sucked, sadly

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    Sucked? Hell yes it did.

    Considering the millions spent on effects, you would think that a few thousand extra could have been spent to secure a script that did not suck ass in such a monumental way.

    I watched a stolen copy and am proud. It was not worth the blank disk the copy was burned on.


    I don’t get how Megatron was supposed to be frozen in the Arctic for thousands of years. Wouldn’t he have had anti-freeze to circulate?

    Also, what happened to the evil vending machines and cell phones at the end? They just kind of vanished.


    The problem wasn’t just that he was frozen, his systems had been shut down due to some sort of collision in space, and then with the earth, IIRC. There are some loose ends to this movie, I can only assume that the crazed half-living robots were taken down by the military and the Autobots combined. I absolutely loved this movie. I’ve been a Transformers fan from day one, and I was one of the ones bitching and complaining when all the ideas for the movies were flooding the internet. I hated the ideas, but I thought the movie was awesome.… Read more »


    More robots… less tan in a can. I went to see alien robots destroying and defending Earth. Not some skinny bitch who thinks she can drive a stick. So an hour and a half later… Megatron is finally awake, what we’ve all been waiting for… and you hear: “PRRRRIIIIIIIIIIME!” And I’m think YES! FINALLY! THE FUCKING CINEMATIC FIGHT OF THE CENTURY! My childhood hero and nemesis (I liked Megatron when I was little just so we’re clear) are going to fight it out on the big screen with a high budget. I was expecting a heavy metal fist connecting with… Read more »


    Well, I’ll say the movie had lots of eye candy. But the script and choreography could have been lots better…


    Can’t get enough space to download this on 360 anyway. As a Blu Ray user, I hope there is not enought movie to convince me into buying a HD-DVD player.


    “But no… they roll around on the ground for 20 seconds and then Johnny Spank off stands up cause hes solved his rubix cube and one-shots Megatron?”

    Megatron still has 2 lives left.


    Yeah, the movie was horrible. The masturbation jokes are best to sum it up.