Julia Stiles


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    What’s the big deal with her anyway?


    I’m normally pretty indifferent on her, but in the Bourne trilogy, for some reason, she gets my juices flowing.


    no chest+no ass(flat face+huge feet)= DO NOT WANT


    Musashi, I don’t know where you get your intel, but she most definitely has a chest, and an ass. Her face may be “flat” or as I call it, round, and slightly exotic-looking, and, even in this picture, her feet appear to me to be normal sized for a girl of whatever height/size she is. Granted, she isn’t in my top 10 of hottest girls ever, but I wouldn’t kick her out of bed, as the saying goes.


    dude im latin my definition of tits and ass are obviously different from yours and her face exotic? LOL more like special.




    I think it’s that kinda cool girl next door look. Ya know, the one you could have as a friend with benefits…


    I would kick her out of bed. An affair with her would so not be worth it! Jennifer Aniston wins!

    Gary Generic

    I agree that she’s not the standard gorgeous trollop you see all over check-out aisle mags, but there’s something about her that makes me want her as a mate for life. I vote ‘hot.’


    LOL It’s not worth it? Pls to be defining “Not worth it!” I must be missing something. 🙂 And Jennifer Aniston is “worth it”? IMHO JA is overrated. She’s hot, mind you, but still overrated.


    Fair enough Musashi, I’ll give you that she might not have as much ass as Vida Guerra (sp? w/e), but NO ass is more like Keira Knightley, and I still wouldn’t mind seeing her without clothes on. And she may not be exotic like Kristen Kreuk, but her face is not traditional “hot” like Elisha Cuthbert, a normal (but smoking-hot) white girl. And, being a white guy, I can appreciate the difference between a nice big ass (like Vida) and a “regular” one, so the clarification of your “latin tastes” or what have you means I’ll give you leeway, or… Read more »


    @Phyreblade If I had an affair with this girl would not be “worth it” to me if it turned out that I got caught by my spousal unit. After the smoke settles and either my wife or I are underground (I’ve already decided that one of us was not going to ‘make it’ in the event of a divorce), I would not think that my little fling was worth the trouble. JA on the other hand… I would be happy with myself with the results of my actions if I get caught having an affair with her… Hot? Absolutely! Overrated?… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    If I slept with Julia Stiles, my girlfriend would probably give me a high five and buy me a drink.


    Most successful post op tranny in hollywood….

    @ reboot, she’d only high five you because you got the Stiles penis before she did.


    Ah. Yes. The Spousal Unit. I understand. Weell for that kind of trouble, even JA wouldn’t be worth it. At least not in my case. We’d have to be talking some serious exotic beauty with the near perfect 10 trifecta going…

    Hey errm, does your GF got a cuter, younger sister? 😛