Current Generation of Console Systems



The Wii, The PS3, and the X-Bawks 360

I have the last one, thinking about the first one, and owned a ps2 so I know how worthless the ps3 is going to be…

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    Win. Fail. Win.


    Win fail can’t actually fit one in my house 🙁


    actually the 360 seemes to be lighter n slimmer than the XBOX 1… but its taller… but you dont have to re-enforce your houses foundation when you get one like you had to when you got the XBOX 1…


    this is mostly true. the 360 is actually slightly larger in all dimensions, however it is not filled with dark matter as the first xbox was.

    And as we all know, 1pound of dark matter weighs 10,000 pounds.


    360 for the win. My 360 game collection has now levelled out at 110 retail games due to lack of funds…


    Actually someone somewhere made a laptop out of the 360 it was much lighter and slimmer and had a screen and things too.
    I’ll be damned if i hot link it to the likes of you, google for it.


    Hey Kero – How much does 10,000 pounds of dark matter weigh?


    We have a Wii and OMG it is teh funnest thing evar!!!!!!!!@!22111111111312!@JJL!H32h

    I want a 360 next (well, a DS really), but my brother, the one who will undoubtedly use it the most, keeps insisting that we should get the ps3 next because it has and will have the largest selection of games that we will enjoy.

    Dunno, might just base it on which platform the next Tekken comes out on, if there ever is one.

    Oh, ya know what’d be awesome, a Tekken movie.


    I own all 3 console, but I barely use any of them. I had recently came to realize that I’m not interested in games like I used to. I end up with all 3 consoles and even both portable because I thought that I was bored with my ps2 and xbox. I threw down 600 dollar for launch ps3 I was a fool, so I for one do not want ps3 to fail. I was skeptical of only one console and thats the ps3, but my experience with psx and ps2 games make me think I can enjoy more Japanese… Read more »


    wii = sux
    ps3 = i have one, and it would be amazing if there were any decent games on it.
    360 = Halo. nuff said

    Fuck it all for the PC