Harvard University

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    Top level position in the Vietnam War? Sign me up!

    as a BU student I am obliged to say…

    “Fuck Harvard.”


    As a person fed up of studying, I am obligued to say.. Fuck College.


    can harvard guaranteee 100% job placement and free tuition? No.

    Can my school, yes. With a education rating higher than Harvards.

    Alec Dalek

    The school I went to was quick and easy, but oh the terror. You can go to, just smoke a few grams of Salvia and you’ll get instant tenure.


    “State of the art” computer labratory?

    why was state of the art in quotes?


    Has someone been having fun with Photoshop?


    come on alec, wheres the fun in smoking a few grams of salvia, when you can just glance at 100x (horse killer) salvia and start thinking the couch is the cookie monster?


    Feared by RIAA lawyers everywhere…

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