Don’t Fall For This

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The CIA is trying to steal my penis… I need to find a place to hide it.

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    Luke Magnifico

    What the fuck man?

    Why would you give away one of our favorite tactics like that?

    Like, you just totally betrayed the brotherhood.


    I’m going to assume that gargle is in fact female and therefore trying to save the rest of the female race at the males expense!!

    Lets face it kids… if she takes the bait like this then she either knows EXACTLY what he is taking about already or is too stupid to bother with 😛


    No, the truth must be told. If he claims he can hide it anywhere other than some part of a female’s anatomy, HE IS LYING! DO NOT BE DECEIVED! A womans body is the ONLY place that a man can hide his manhood from the CIA!!


    phryeblade is right…


    You guys are over reacting to a joke that would obviously never work. Frankly im embarrassed i even commented

    casemods UID# 667


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