Carrot Top then and now

Carrot Top’s plastic surgery isn’t doing him much good, I think. He’s
starting to look like a female impersonator.

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    A female impersonator on steroids. He looks like the other Wachowski brother after he got his sex change. What in the faaaack is up with his/her eyebrows? Creepy lookin unfunny asshat.



    Too much makeup is what’s wrong with his eyebrows.

    I wouldn’t say anything to his face about it, though.
    He is pretty ripped and would tear my head off.


    that’s why he became a roid monkey. He was tired of people punching him in the face when they’d meet him. Apparently it was quite the popular thing to do for awhile there.


    maybe it wasnt surgery, maybe it was reconstructive punchery


    i’m actually pretty sure that the first picture isnt actually him.


    Is it just me or does he look like a really jacked up, extreme Chucky makeover…?


    for those of you who don’t know what he looks like now


    Wow, now I won’t laugh at him because he could rip my arms off. Whereas before I wouldn’t laugh at him because he wasn’t funny.


    OMG this is disturbing…wtf did he do to himself…why would you care about what other people think so much that you change the way you look?

    He was a nerd, now he’s a sex change gone bad.

    I remember kathy griffin or w./e her name is getting plastic surgery…wtf is the point? maybe it’s a red head thing?


    I’m ginger and even i wanna smack him one. Christ man, you’re not making it any easier for the rest of us!

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