Batman Forever Movie Poster



I remember seeing this back when it came out, and it was awesome.  But I just rewatched it and it is not so awesome.

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    Same here. I watched it recently and it’s homotastic.


    After re-watching it sometime last year, I was incredibly creeped out by the dozens of posters and boxes in X-Box colors that said “THE BOX IS HERE”. It all predicted the future and stuff.

    I also ended up finding a typo in the giant block of tiny text in the FBI warning in the end of the VHS version when I randomly looked at it while on the phone.


    I felt the same about Star Wars. -and that was while I was watching it in the theater when it first came out.


    Joel Schumacher should have fire ants poured into his underwear.


    It was never awesome.

    It was never even close to good.

    Also– Peach– you’re old. You really saw Star Wars in 1977 and didn’t like it?


    I watched this movie 86 times, and then the VHS broke. I spent roughly 6 years of my life (from 11 until almost 18) convinced that I was in love with Val Kilmer and we would be married and have no less than 25 children.

    Seems not entirely healthy now that I look back on it.


    It WAS awesome. But, so does the Spice Girls. Whom I still like. So does this movie. NIPPLES! In both.


    This movie is Schindler’s List compared to Batman and Robin.

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