Sext Storm Trooper

Yea that wasnt part of the original Halloween costume she was wearing, but it worked for me!

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    See, now why couldn’t we create a clone army of these obviously vastly superior troopers? Hmmm?


    then who would fly the ships?


    Cmon, you disappoint me. Such questions make me sad. Hello!! That’s what droids are for. Duuuuuh…


    she could ship my fly anytime!


    … ok, i’m gonna sound like a complete nerd here but… thats a storm trooper, not a pilot 😛

    But she could sure handcuff me any day 😀

    what was she meant to be then?


    i know i know, just a low blow to womens driving skill after this past week almost be hit twice by women…one backing out of driveway and not looking for cars coming down the road… the other by not paying attention to stop signs…


    She could put her fist in my asshole anytime.


    I think I’m gonna take Little Bo Peep in the corner.


    i’d take little bo peep anywhere!


    Sorry, but it looks like she’s got a package in that outfit. Seriously man, tell her she needs to tuck her junk in better next time she goes out in drag.


    Apparently whatever they put in your food out there is pretty kickin’… Pity I’m just a *wee bit* past college age, or I’d move to Kansas and enroll…

    LOL, You don’t get out much do you…?


    Oh snap! I don’t know if I should be attracted to that or not. I’m not really into star wars, but this is rad!

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