Symantec AntiVirus Gangster Edition



Your Norton AntiVirus Subscription has expired.

It’s a nice computer you’ve got here… Quad-core, 300 GB hard drive, 4 GB RAM. It would be a shame if something… happened to it.

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    I think godfather or mafia boss would be a better title, seeing as gangsters are those scrawny little faggots dressed in red and blue and infest my fucking city

    Alec Dalek

    Who needs it. AVG Free for Anti-Virus and Comodo Firewall (also free) for security. Plus Spybot Search & Destroy and CCleaner to fill out the suite. All free!


    Well they only work so well.

    I think nod32 is the best but it’s not free.

    Free 30 day trial, but now they call you back and shit to confirm.


    Lol norton got worse. before when your subscription ran out they’d give you a pop up every 2 days or whatever. Now when you close the pop up, if you don’t click yes than it gets an error and closes.


    We stopped using Norton some three years ago since we wanted to run other programs too on our PCs.


    Avast > AVG, but Comodo ftw 🙂 I’ve seen avast get rid of stuff that AVG could only ‘detect’.

    If you’ve got a quad core PC, you shouldn’t re running norton. Chances are it’s using 3 of those cores itself for mindless calculations. All my cores are used for pr0n!

    T G Geko

    LOL, I use firefox and spyware terminatior (all free), Never had much of a problem.

    Alec Dalek

    And for when just one virus scanner isn’t enough:

    tiki god

    I think you have Gangster and gangbanger confused, although I’ll admit they’re too damn close to really claim any certainty about their definitions. Just know that those hood bitches out in the street looked up to the mafia…


    Just know that those hood bitches out in the street look up to the mafia…

    Fixed 🙂


    300 GB? teeheehee I have 2.5 TB in my system…and Norton.


    I’m pimpin’ it with an 80 and 60 gig 😉