christianity – impose your beliefs!


from bigger cheese

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    Alec Dalek

    This so true. If christian hate the world so much, why don’t they do us all a big favour and kill themselves and go to “heaven” (well, actually, they’ll just rot in the ground, but they don’t know that).

    The rest of us realize this is all the life you get, so better enjoy it while you can, and be nice to everyone else so they can too.

    Go suck a bible!


    I love this and not because I’m some kind of fanatic against religion. But I detest the fact I get all sorts of christians trying to come over to “their side”. They think it’s okay to go up to someone they don’t know and tell them, in a subtle way, that they’re doing things wrongs and the only way to do them right is to follow their same footsteps. I don’t know how things are around the world, but we don’t get non-believers stopping random folks to say “hey, I think you’re believing in some big bullshit, you should like…… Read more »


    haha thats awesome that i dont know any atheists that are a-holes either.

    Alec Dalek

    You know Dreth, I think you’re on to something. Maybe we need people going door to door preaching non-religion. When I was a kid, they made me go door to door giving our religious literature. Turnabout is fair play!

    Alec Dalek

    Atheists can be just as bad and Fundies. It’s not what you believe that’s the problem, it’s how much you try to share your beliefs.

    Personally, I’m a Rationalist, which means I only believe what can be proven, which is very little.


    Anyone could be just as bad as preaching door-humpers.

    But the thing is that only insane fanatics of christianity are the ones that do it.

    I haven’t heard of wiccans coming over selling you their stupid recipies for good luck.


    Well I’m a Whoreist. I belive anyone who gives me an assload of money.


    It’s not ALL Christians. Just because you’re Christian doesn’t mean you have to agree with anything in that cartoon. The Bible, just like any other book, can have different interpretations depending on the reader. As with any other religion (or also in forms of government) you’ll always have extremists and zealots, who are minorities, that make the larger group look like assholes.

    Jesus Christ

    This greatly gave me a lot of lol.

    T G Geko

    If there is onething about this comic I dont like (It is kinda funny) its how everyone always uses the “its just a theory, it cant be true” argument. News flash people, the only reason this ‘theory’ is still here is because there is OVERWHELMING proof. Yes it is a theory, yes it can be disproven, but chances are that it will be replaced by a theory that just better explains it. Its how Newton’s theory of gravity was replaced by Einstine’s theory of Relativity. Relativity didnt make Newton’s theory wrong, it just gave an expanded explination of things. Newton’s… Read more »


    I checked with my Pastor and he said that you are all going to hell for reading this cartoon.


    Thanks, Foinlavin. I will save you a seat.


    Hell is just a theory. You might only get sent to God’s office for a little chat about your bad attitude and poor grades.


    So, I would get sent to heaven even if I am bad? w007!

    Hell is just a theory? Based on what? The scribilings of a rabies infected man named Dante? How about, Hell is just a idea?

    Alec Dalek

    Heaven, Hell, Valhalla, Hades, New Jersey – there’s no evidence that any of these places really exist as no one has ever gone there and returned with photos.


    Once in New York (city) I cought a glimpse of New Jersey. But no one belives me… And everyone knows Valhalla is in Bayreuth. Duh


    i agree with Lisa. many of the fundamentalists give their religions a bad rap. personally, i am a Christian, but i dont preach it or push my beliefs on anyone. most of my friends are atheists or agnostics, and i have no problem with that. they have no problem with me, either.


    Alec – I’m from NJ. I have plenty of photos. But if I show them to you I might have to kill you.


    Isn’t it better that you just “Believe” in something? Why does everyone have to believe the same thing? Does that make someone better or worse then others? Um, I guess what ever serial killers, rapists, and other offenders believe in is kinda the wrong one but still.


    I have many Christian friends who are not pushy and strive to follow The Golden Rule.

    However, most of the Christians I know are very opinionated, closed-minded, and prejudiced.

    As with any organized religion, it is the lunatic fringe that gives it a bad name.

    Alec Dalek

    If only closed minds came with closed mouths.

    tiki god

    “As with any organized religion, it is the lunatic fringe that gives it a bad name.”

    Religion : where believing in a man who is all powerful and all knowing but can’t stop even the most basic crime is considered non-lunatic.


    I love religious extremists who try to convert people.

    Converter in a nutshell: “Hey you know that thing you call living a Life…Yeah well your doing it WRONG!”


    “If only closed minds came with closed mouths.” Alec, you either have some Memento-ish magical forgetting problem, or you are the biggest dumbfuck to have ever graced this site. You just spent three posts crying about how all religious people, of any creed, are equivalent to your cartoonish and and distorted caricature of a Fundie. On this thread and others you paint in amazingly broad strokes, characterizing the majority of humanity as believing exactly the same thing as a vocal but small minority of religious people on your continent. Your views on virtually every group is lacking in nuance at… Read more »



    I agree with your comment. The belief in an all powerful man, and a son who comes back from the dead, is something I do not understand.

    I can understand, however, the tenants of loving thy neighbor and doing things to help people. My “normal” Christian friends practice these principles, even though I find it disturbing when they speak of their myths as if they were real.


    @tiki again,

    One of my friends spends a month every year in Africa helping build schools and dig wells. He pays out of pocket and it is not through a church.

    I asked him if it is one of those missions where they try and convert the locals. He said “Nope, I am just there to help”. He firmly believes he is serving “God”. The guy is ALL HEART, even though I can’t understand how an eductaed young man like himself buys into Christianity, but I can appreciate his selflessness.


    People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them.

    I guess that makes Atheism sort of a religion doesn’t it.

    Alec Dalek

    Ooooo! See what Caio did there? He took what I said, changed my words, then attacked me.

    When did I say only christians are closed minded? Please point this out. I dare you! I’ve even pointed out that Athiests can be just as bad as Fundies (hardcore christians).

    It is YOU, sir, who is the dumbfuck.


    Oh Caio, you big poopie-head!

    Actually, I can sorta see your point, but I’m thinking that you DID try to paint Alec with the same broad brush strokes you accused him of, which partially negates your argument. Added to that I thinking you’re taking his statements waaaay too seriously. Much more seriously than I’m sure he was when he made most of them. If you haven’t realised by now, Alec likes to joke around more than a little on this site.

    Maybe you should just relax and enjoy the ride instead of being a “Debbie Downer” in these posts.

    Alec Dalek

    Exactly. And I’m only singling out christians in the thread, because that’s the topic. I have just as much ire for arrogant atheists and those crazy muslims, among others. Don’t even get me started on hippies!

    But I do tend to harp on christians, but that’s partly because I myself was a hardcore christian – until I left home and broke free of the indoctrination. I’ll try to be nicer.


    Is there no way to proselytize without coming off as close-minded or offensive?

    Alec Dalek

    Go to Nevada, Foinlavin. Them proselytutes is legal down there.

    despite rumors

    Ugh…today at work the christian freak job who sits next to me told said that jesus is the oasis in the desert that is my life…and I’m choosing to sit “out there” and choke on the sand. I never wanted to kick someone in the crotch so bad in my life.


    How come so many people blame christianity for a reason bad things happen, and completely ignore the other “justifications” for terrible things? Haven’t seen one like this for Islam, progress, etc….


    Because christianity is to religion as Aunt Jemima is to pancakes.

    It’s the biggest whore of them all, henceforth the easy target.


    wow, jesus with a knife, imposing his beliefs?!?!? fuckin lame. this is the typical atheist maneuver. Jesus never EVER imposed his beliefs on anyone. it is only barely literate, inbred, ignorant dicks who hardly have a grasp on Christianity or Salvation that force their ‘christian beliefs’ down other people’s throats. and just because someone takes up a belief in the name of another person does not mean that said person knows what the hell they are talking about. most people have no fucking idea what salvation through christ even means. it’s not a set of rules that you have to… Read more »

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