jesus christ knocking on the united nations building


where’s godzilla when you really need him?

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    Alec Dalek

    Whoa, that was my Wednesday! I gotta start smoking better quality stuff.

    Dave Riley

    pjh3000 Should not been smoking to begin with. The simplicity of the picture shows what our vidality of our religion is,and what it represents!!! pjh300 is there an atheist knocking on your door? Think


    this is a satanic image blaspheming god.the papacy is to out for satanic symbols.

    Lorraine Burnett

    I am in my late fifties, and I remember my grandmother having this picture back in the 60s. With what is happening this past week at the UN, this pic came to mind as a very prophetic answer that in order to have peace in the Middle East, they are going to have to allow Jesus into the conversation and nagotiations. Just my thoughts. There is NO real peace WITHOUT Jesus. Think about that