80’s PC Vs Mac Advert


THe mac addict : DENIM DAN!

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    How old is this??

    Oh, btw, windows FTW, as usual 😉


    Aw man. Not this shit again!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Microsoft Bob was released in 1995. The Newton was released in 1993. So this was at least a mid-90’s ad, not 80’s.
    I think that makes it scarier.


    HOBBIES: No time for hobbies, too busy being a smarmy douchebag.

    SECRET SHAME: Still uses “Crisco” to lube up his latex fist.

    BELIEF: Thinks he’s better than everyone else, completely unaware that everyone else thinks he’s an elitist faggot.


    Macs are the perfect PC’s for people who have NO IDEA how to use a computer.
    Which is probably why all the left wingnuts like Al “I’m an attention seeking asshole” Gore uses them.


    “Of course, Jerry would never use a PC”
    …. God dammit…


    garble, lol, but al gore is awesome man, he’s doing a lot of important things.


    If by important, you mean taking credit for other people’s work and research, then yes, he’s quite awesome. It is good that he’s putting certain issues into more of a public light, but at the same time he could take a little less credit for it. I mean, the Nobel Peace Prize for christ’s sake! HE DIDN’T DO ANY OF THE RESEARCH, DIDN’T ACTUALLY MAKE THE MOVIE, HE JUST TOOK CREDIT FOR IT. He’s a slow witted, insecure little man that was given waaaay too much power and celebrity, and now he feeds on it like a starving person, irregardless… Read more »


    Two words:

    Manbear Pig.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Al Gore invented the environment and will be the first emperor of the moon. You should get down on your knees and thank him for STILL protecting the space-time continuum, because you know Dick Cheney hasn’t been doing the job.

    tiki god

    “the Nobel Peace Prize”? you know there’s more then just one, right?


    I love people who use the word “irregardless”. They crack me up.


    I’ll grant the fact that there’s a superiority complex with a majority of mac users, but I’ve never understood the pride inherent in using a computer that was less user friendly, with a less refined interface.

    “oh. yay. I am awesome because I did it the hard way. why don’t you know how to do it the hard way? are you retarded?”


    Who else is uncertain what TheRogue47 is talking about?