Riot Police vs. Penguin

Penguin attacks riot police in Chile

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    Hey, where’d you find that? Its a different angle of a pic I submitted.

    I’ve been looking for some context.


    Thats a little closed minded isn’t it DemolitionsGeek? i mean sometimes a riot is because the government deserves it and the riot police or those trying to hold back the rioters actually ARE the oppressors!! Not saying in all cases, just suggesting that sometimes it may be necessary…

    i do love the irony of Anti-War Protestors getting all violent 😛


    sudoku’s cant be solved by words.




    Looks like Microslop finally got the jump on Linux.


    I’m reading what DemolitionsGeek was saying….and I’m laughing. I’m envious that he still has some illusions left. Personally, I had any illusions wiped out after seeing the “riot” that happened in Austin TX on Mardi Gras in 2001. Yes, some drunks started it, but as the police decided they were going to clear 100,000 people from the streets in 45 minutes, things got ugly. People were beaten and sprayed with pepper spray as they came out of clubs. They were shot with rubber bullets and sand bags as they ran away. Even people on the side streets weren’t safe, as… Read more »


    Lol. Mask + Shields = Anonymity. Add weapons and you don’t need a fucking riot. I grew up downtown in a big oil city. Every once in a while there’d be some major conference with world leaders and oil billionaires and such. They’d fence off all of downtown, so there was no real risk to the rich people (which was great for me; I lived on one side of the fence, and my school was on the other, turning a fifteen minute walk into an hour walk), but they filled the sky with helicopters and the streets with riot guards… Read more »


    Yeah, DemolitionsGeek. I’m sure they deserved it. How dare they run away? How dare they walk out of a club? Let’s go ahead and just randomly beat and pepper spray people. Whoops! Wrong time, wrong place, bro. Damn, sorry about your head. Maybe next time you won’t offend my fashion sense.