Congressional Democrats

Congressional Democrats

This pretty much sums it up.

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    lol, that’s fucking hilarious.

    Alec Dalek

    Too many words.


    FYI, the current Democrat-controlled Congress has the lowest approval rating in all of American history.

    Go Democrats?!

    t-rex jesus

    Way to be a total douchebag and misrepresent the facts iddqd. Not only has congress’ approval rating been this low before, but apparently all of AMERICAN HISTORY to you means since 1974 when they actually started tracking this nonsense. Though I’m pretty sure that ALL OF AMERICAN HISTORY goes back a wee bit farther than that.

    Hell, I can use the link YOU provided to back up my facts:

    Seriously, GTFO.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    If follow the link iddqd posted, their approval rating isn’t even the lowest since 1974. It’s tied with the 1992 Congress. So all of American History is about 15 years in iddqd’s head. If you look at the graph, it has nothing to do with the Democrats taking over in ’06; the approval rating has been tanking since ’02. If you look even farther down, another graph shows that the Democrats in Congress have a significantly higher approval rating than the Republicans.


    Maybe we should still accept the fact that the government, all of it, is inadequate for the events facing US citizens right now. Militaristic coup for the win?




    Do you know how those Gallup polls are conducted? Random number calling. The company I used to work for took Gallup contracts and I’d spend all day phoning belligerent americans. Roughly:
    99% of the number you call get no answer, the person hangs up, not interested ect. A good deal of these people *hilariously* quote seinfeld.
    0.9% of the people are absolute nubjobs who go off on long rants and don’t give any useful answers, which the poller needs.
    0.1% actually answer. You’ve got to wonder what’s up with those freaks.

    Anyway, Gallop represents a very small sample anyway, and it’s a methotically badly-taken sample. I’d take it with a grain of salt.

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