Schrodinger’s lolcat


In ur quantum box …maybe

(I’ll get a Schrodinger joke up somehow!)

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    I am sooooo sick of the lolcat thing, which is the internet equivalent of that ‘Hang in there’ poster (ha ha! Oh, Garfield, I hate mondays TOO!)…

    But shit, every once in a while I see one thats actually funny.

    Damn you, Mikki. Why must you force me to confront my own hatred?


    why I’m still seeing those watermarks?


    You raff you ruse.


    Well, Jeffapotomus, I heard that that which we hate in others is really a reflection of that which we hate in ourselves. Something I, personally, have found to be quite enlightening over the years. Perhaps you hate lolcats so much because you are an unintentionally hilarious cat. Just something to think about.


    Oh SHIT! Ur in mah hed, forcing me to question mah self-image.


    Holy Crap, Caio! You were right about Jeff!

    Now analyze the cat in the box…


    Please tell me there’s a t-shirt somewhere I can buy with this on it.

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