Why I Hate My Neighbors

Lots of Cars, Must Be Illegal Mexicans!

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    “omg wtf?” – Its a Shadow of apparently a Power Pole. Go the fuck outside once in awhile. You might also realise then that your living in a Duplex with what sounds like Other Renters near you. If you hate life that back, move.


    man, typo city….


    Kn0xy, I was thinking of flaming you, but, you know, not worth it really.


    i dont really see the problem, he has a full half, who cares if they drive on it everyonce in a while.


    I don’t think the problem is so much that they drive on his part of the driveway, but more if he parks on the driveway, how does anybody get out? He still has plenty of options left to him, however, so this is just another example of someone attempting to argue on the internet…and we’ve all seen that image 🙂


    Caio: Thanks, no need, such as the author of the image, to attempt to make up things out of thin air. Just move along to the next comment and be happy with your life.


    He only has 2 cars, so why would he need to park on his half? Even if he did, it not like they cant just ask him to play car shuffle politely.

    Alec Dalek

    I’d just always park on my driveway, as close to the street as possible. Preferably parallel to one of the neighbours cars.


    Kn0xy, isn’t there bridge you should be under?


    mechaxl, Been waiting to use that one since someone said it to you eh?


    I think everybody’s missed the point. He just doesn’t like living so close to a garage full of dragons.


    Killer rebuttal, kn0xy.