Pot Cigarettes


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    1. Ando says:

      It’s only a matter of time.

    2. AdmDraconis says:

      Hopefully so… Anxious to try it. Yes, I will not go against this wonderful Gov’t when it is for the people by the people. These laws came from us.

      Granted the only reason why it is illegal in the first place is because of the newspaper (logging as well) industry. They saw that paper made from weed was so much more cheaper than the paper from trees. They couldn’t compete, so they lobbied. Guess who won. The lobbyist’s. Law was formed, no weed for the common man. It was vilified in the process, now America has it all backwards. Tobacco but no weed.

      O, and here is another thing that may set your bubble. Not one single case of serious health effects has ever been reported on second hand smoke. So, go figure why all these ordinances are against smokers as well.

      Love this country, to bad we do some crazy stuff some times. Educate yourself, for the only time you will let someone take advantage of you, is when you don’t know it.

    3. Namelis1 says:

      Yea the whole drug ban thing is ridiculous no matter what country. If drugs were legal, their quality would be better, they could be dosed better, research could be put in motion to make drugs better, safer, with less defects. I suppose the most vicious ones could still remain illegal.

      Really if people want something they will get it no matter what. Its been proven time and time again. All that happened in America since the war on drugs began is that there are more drug users and the drugs that make it into America are cheaper and higher quality.

      Really legalizing drugs would make them better, cheaper and considerably safer.

      Just look at the Netherlands.

      Pot is legal there, and they have increased their land mass by 40%, maybe more, by reclaiming it from the sea and swamps. If anything drugs make for more efficient work.

    4. EvilDon says:

      People coming to work stoned has caused many thousands of dollars worth of damage to company equipment (where I work). The ones that smoke tobacco, don’t have a problem in that way, because they are not high. People who make a habit of depriving their brains of oxygen (that’s what marijuana does) frequently don’t make such prudent decisions as, ‘don’t come to work while high’. While thoughts and facts on paper don’t look bad, regarding marijuana, what I see in real life points toward “drugs are bad mmmk”. (though I would like to see marijuana legalized, because it is just wonderful to make things out of and is a useful medicine.)

      I know 4 people (excluding myself) that will have an asthma attack if exposed to second hand smoke. That can get real “serious” real fast. And the number of children with asthma in increasing rapidly www.swedish.org/16898.cfm . But that aside, breathing smoke is a bad thing (you see , smoke, to various degrees associated with exposure, chokes people) weather it contributes to cancer or not, coughing, headaches, and bloodshot eyes (common effects of secondhand smoke) are not good things.

      That being said, the picture is amusing.

    5. Ando says:

      I might hold out for the crack ones.

    6. Kerry says:


      The paper, rope, plastics, fabrics, twine, and fibeerboard being made at the time was not made from “weed”, but from a separate THC free form of cannabis. It was called hemp and is a totally different plant.

      Sorry to be anal about it, but I used to work in a store that sold eco-friendly clothing and paper made from hemp and am sensitive about the issue. Morons came in every day and said “can I smoke this shirt?”

      The rest is correct. It was blatant corporate espianage from the 30’s that made hemp illegal. You can get 10 times the fiber per acre than cotton with hemp, with no pesticides or herbicides.

    7. Caio says:

      Would you really want to filter your Marijuana? I’m not saying this out of some retarded stoner thing, it just seems to me that it burns less well, and doesn’t produce as hot smoke as tabaco, which is pretty much the only reason we have filter (that and it makes you look less poor than papers, which are less preferred than pipes for pot anyway).

      I just seems all so wrong to me.

    8. Fuck weed. I’m anti weed. And it has nothing to do with that one time I got really, really high and fucked a fattie. The whole time I was like, Charles NOOOOOOOO Get out of my heaadd! She hasn’t called me back.

    9. EvilDon says:

      Greatest comment of the thread belongs to……DemolitionsGeek YAY!


    10. Alec Dalek says:

      Kerry, it’s not a separate plant, it’s the way it’s grown. It’s only if you let it flower that you get the canniboids and THC that make you high (but only in the flowers). If you’re growing it for the hemp fibers, you would cut it down before then anyway.

      EvilDon, even if people are coming into work stoned, I’m sure way more people come in drunk, and they don’t make alcohol illegal. Your comparison to tobacco is unfair. You might as well compare the effects of pot to donuts.

      DemolitionsGeek, at least you weren’t drunk. You’d probably have 4 kids by now!

    11. Alec Dalek says:

      Folks! You don’t have to SMOKE pot to use it. The temperature at which the crystals become psychoactive is lower than the temperature of fire. You can use a device called a vaporizer. It blows hot air through the mixture and only vaporizes the crystals, leaving the plant matter behind. It’s perfectly healthy.

      The only problem is prohibition makes it hard to market and sell these devices in great enough numbers to make them more affordable. But if pot was legalized, you’d be buying them at Walmart for $29.67. No smoke = no smoke argument.

    12. Ando says:

      Alec, there is such thing as THC free cannabis. I know. I’ve smoked it. There are big fields of it in the UK. I ripped up a plant or two (in full bud), dried them out and smoked them. It tasted like cannabis but without the THC. It was a pretty nice smoke actually! 😀

      Oh, and DemolitionsGeek totally wins the thread.

    13. EvilDon says:

      A few come in with hangovers once and a while, but they don’t do too bad ( in comparison with the stoners). But any form of substance abuser does not last very long here.

      Alcohol (beer, wine, ect..) is a food, and is good for you, in moderation (in most cases). Smoking weed is not a food. So, the purpose of alcohol is to feed, the purpose of smoking Marijuana is to get high. Very different. Also, there is a big difference between having a drink and getting drunk. But eating or drinking enough of anything will mess you up.

      I only compared marijuana to tobacco because they are both smoked.

    14. Alec Dalek says:

      Ando, THC is not the only chemical that gets you high. Cannabis Sativa is high in THC, but Cannabis Indica is low in THC, but high in other cannaboids.

      They do tend to use breeds that concentrate more on vegetative growth than flowering. Cannabis Rudeleris is like this, but grows very short.

      EvilDon, I’m pretty sure most people drink alcohol to get drunk, not as a substitute for food. In fact, someone that only drinks alcohol (instead of food) is an alcoholic.

    15. Like what daddy puts in his drink every morning. And then he gets mad. [serious face]

    16. Alec Dalek says:

      My daddy drinks for the government!

      (I miss Kids in the Hall)

    17. EvilDon says:

      How, or how often people abuse any food or drink is little of my concern. My point is that alcohol (along with any other food) can be consumed responsibly, without intoxication or adverse effects.

      I suppose it shows what kind of people one associates with, but very few people I know drink to get drunk.

      Also, if I am in Russia, Mexico, or where ever does not have an abundance of good drinking water and I can not readily get bottled water, alcohol is (usually) the safest way to go.

    18. Ando says:

      For me drunkness and cainedness are sliding scales.
      If I drink a bit, I get a bit drunk.
      If I drink a lot, I get a lot drunk.
      Same with spliffs.
      If I smoke a mild one I get lightly toasted.
      If I smoke a few fat ones I eat everything i own, fall asleep on the couch in a pool of dribble and wake up with a headache and cheesy wotsit fingers.

    19. AdmDraconis says:

      Figured a couple of people addressed me, so I guess I owe it to them to further refine a point.

      As with all things, you have to know what you do has consequences either it is positive or negative. If the Gov’t packages and makes it legal, make it known just like the cigs and brew that these things are to be used responsibly. It was already said in defense that alcohol is abused, and that is an ignorant choice by an irresponsible person and hopefully he does not have his job anymore.

      “serious health effects”
      Places with double ventilation have been around for a long time to counteract that. Smoking sections as well. But to outlaw it everywhere and getting rid of one man’s right for another is just to me, against what we stand for. Make it right, make it available, and educate the common man. Be mindful, be courteous. Be a human element in the good sense.

      As for your asthma issue. Yes, it agitates it. Just as dust, pollen, certain smells, even stress, pretty much anything under the sun agitates asthma. It is a restriction of airways due to mucus in your bronchial tubes. But to suffer all the symptoms you are expressing can be equivocated to sleep deprivation alone. You are really going on a stretch with your symptoms.

      Anyways, if you wish to continue the point that is great. If not, then I have said my peace. As you can tell, I am in a philosophizing mood thanks to school. 🙂

    20. EvilDon says:

      Two weeks ago a someone I know was sent to the hospital because of some smoke where it should have been. It was at a restaurant, and she did not even get her drink before she left for the hospital (she could not inhale to use her medicine). Personally, I can tolerate more smoke before it becomes such a serious problem for me. As for the “coughing, headaches, and bloodshot eyes”, I was referring to those acute symptoms that come about when people (who generally are not used to cigarette smoke) are exposed to smoke. And no matter the cause, none of these things are desirable (in my way of thinking anyways).

      (Though I think it’s disgusting) I don’t have a with people smoking, as long as I don’t have to be around it. Like you said “Be mindful, be courteous”. The problem is that many who smoke are not so mindful and smoke where they ought not to. 🙁

    21. Alec Dalek says:

      EvilDon, drinking alcohol instead of water is a very bad idea. Alcohol dehydrates you, worse than sea water. You should always drink water during or after drinking alcohol. That’s why people get hangovers, dehydration.

    22. Kerry says:


      You are incorrect. Hemp is a totally different THC- free strain. It looks like a 13ft. bamboo stalk with the familiar leaves. Trust me, I have argued this point many a time. The marijuana plant looks more like a christmas tree covered with the flowers, or “buds”.

      The misconceptions come from large petro chemical industries in bed with the govt. Hemp plants could replace their products in a more eco-friendly fashion.

      If you would like, or are interested, you can email me your address to kcrandal@maine.rr.com and I would be happy to loan you my Big Book of Hemp.

      Here is the link to the website of the place where I used to work:


    23. EvilDon says:

      Righty Dalek. As I said if there is no bottled water around (and the other water is unsafe, example: being parasite ridden). I would not continually substitute alcohol for water. Though I would not do it, when my mum was in Russia she said she “lived off of Vodka” because she did not trust the water she had access to (most of the time). That was over thirty years ago…

    24. Kerry says:


      I am pretty sure I am right about it being a separate strain developed by the french in the 1700’s.

      The stalk of the marijauna plant is green and brittle with no fiber. The hemp plant has a brown, wooden core surrounded by hay-like fiber.

      Take a look at this site, I used to work here:


    25. Alec Dalek says:

      You’re right, Kerry. I thought Sativa could only be psychoactive.

    26. iddqd says:

      A friend of mine had parents who were pot smokers. They became so addicted that they eventually pawned all his stuff when he was still going to elementary school so his parents could get a fix.

      Sure alcohol can do the same thing, maybe even McDonalds’ foods, but what’s wrong with eliminating one less evil in the world.

    27. Caio says:

      Bah, people do get addicted to weed (my own aunt comes to mind), but they’re blatantly idiots. It’s about as addictive as aspirin. I’ve gone for months smoking up every day and stopped because, basically, I was bored with it and wanted something else to do. You just can’t absentmindedly stop drinking if it’s become a habit, and I doubt you can just forget heroin without a second thought.

      I’d love to see some pothead go to a rehab clinic. Hell, in a lot of rehab clinics, pot is unofficially seen as an acceptable replacement for harder drugs.

    28. EvilDon says:

      Wait, wait, wait… iddqd had a great idea ‘one less evil in the world’ lets start with McDonalds. DOWN WITH MCDONALDS!!! MCDONALDS IS WORSE THEN WEED AND CRACK AND HEROIN COMBINED!!!!

    29. purple banana says:

      As someone who works in an inner-city ER, the reports of “The main reason adolescents come to the er is for treatment of marijuana-related problems” are all complete propaganda… We simply ask if they do any illicit substances, and they’re honest. We get massive voulmes of patients in the ER- drug seekers- who are there because of their addiction to opiate pain killers. if they’re ‘in pain,’ we are still required by law to give them pain medication. It’s sad.

      It’s not only the textile industry that would suffer from cannabis legalization/decriminalization, but mainly the pharmaceutical companies. The statement made often by government officials claiming cannabis has no useful medical benefits is simply ridiculous… Simply because it is a plant, and users can grow their own makes it impossible for the pharmaceutical companies to regulate, tax, and distribute it. So they ignore all of the research on it, thinking it will go away.

      The fact of the matter is, with the federal cannabis dispensaries in California, they’re not only going after the actual dispensaries that make too much profit, but the ones that have high volumes of cannabis passing through. Federal forces are essentially pissing over state’s rights, because they still feel threatened by cannabis’s growing support. It’s a non-toxic PLANT with little/no psychological addiction rates (depends per person) and clear medical benefits:

      Stress reduction, prevents atheriosclerosis of the arteries, reduces pain, anti-inflammatory, bronchiodilator, has shown promise in destroying cancerous glioma cells in the CNS, mood elevator, reduces intra-ocular pressure for glaucoma patients, and probably more than that. And it MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD. What’s wrong with that?

      It’s no a panacea. It comes with side effects from smoking- so I vaporize, or bake it.


    30. AdmDraconis says:


      I am sorry to hear about your friend and your own.

      You are right, sometimes people abuse their rights, and that is sad. That is where we the people have to stand up.

      So she was at a smoking place and just couldn’t take it, or what?

    31. purple banana says:

      Cannabis Indica- Body stone, much shorter and fatter plant

      Canabis Sativa- Head high, taller and thinner plant

      Cannabis Ruderalis- Most common type of cannabis used for hemp.

      The first two are psychoactive; female flowers of the plant are the type that are smoked to produce a high, male flowers do not give anything but a slight headache.

    32. Kerry says:


      It has been awhile, but I found this really cool article today. Please read it if you have time:


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