PS3 Vs X-Box Vs Wii Vs PC


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    The Henchman

    pc ftw


    I don’t own any besides the PC (duh) but I don’t appreciate the Wii being treated like less, it’s taking a different angle and making money off it and beating Sony & M$ while they’re at it, so I don’t know why it’s always being belittled.

    The PC part is accurately portrayed, though.


    And besides, I just had to send in my “fantasy sword” because it red ringed.

    Alec Dalek

    I for one am tired of people that don’t actually have a Wii, praising the thing. I bought one at launch and sold it a month later. I just couldn’t get into it. Maybe I’m just lazy, or maybe it’s because my first game system was Pong. I gots to have me a controller.


    Well if it’s because of me, I wasn’t praising it, just saying that it’s not as small as these campaign-ads make it seem. It must be doing something right if it’s leaving big bucks in the company’s pockets.


    I love my PC (when it’s work without any problem), but some really great games only comes out for consols, and that makes me angry grrr >:(


    What? A plastic knife? Should be the Master Sword! Seriously, the image had to have been made by a Nintendo hater who’s never played a LoZ:TP…




    The Wii is fun.

    If it’s your friend’s.

    Then it’s free! 😀

    I have that sword in the 360 post. it’s by an artist named Kit Ray. I also have all 3 of those consoles, and a highend gaming pc I built myself. I think all three of them have their good qualities. The wii is a fun ‘party game’ console. it’s also good if you have small kids. The 360 has lots of good online games, and a hand full of great RPGs. The PS3 is getting more and more impressive with the graphics it was promising, and they are *SLOWLY* working the bugs out and finding their niche. Nintendo just… Read more »

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