Crocodile Warning


Tasty, tasty paraplegics..mmmm…

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    i can’t keep looking at the huge eyeball on the top corner of the sign. it’s pretty creepy.


    om nom nom nom


    yeah, what’s with the eye?


    Methinks that to be the camara lens.


    Are you guys kidding me? It’s thin sheet metal, and your seeing a flex in the metal from the screw going into the wood that is holding the sign. Epic fail on that one guys…


    Another treat for the crowd here today! The Being Eaten By a Crocodile competition, once thought too strenuous for the handicapped, will be included in this year’s Special Olympics! The fifty-yard dash leading to the crocodile has been replaced by a steep slope to accomodate the athletes in wheelchairs. Athletes not confined to wheelchairs have the option of running down the slope, or simply rolling themselves down toward the crocodile.

    t. durden

    the disabled are delicious… thats y all my girls are in wheelchairs.. whether they need it or not 😛