Penquin = Whale Snack


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    Look, they sacreficing the young one! Hahaha, silly penguins and their belives in gods 😀



    deleted_user has a system that checks the md5hash (i think) of pictures and lets you know if it has been uploaded already.


    But that would only work if it were the EXACT same file, and it wouldn’t count it if the file looked exactly the same, but had a different file size.


    So anyway, why have I seen so many re-posts lately yet exactly one of the half dozen pics that I’ve uploaded in the last week made it on? Anyone else experiencing this?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    M-3: I’ve had some images that I’ve uploaded go up the same day while others have taken a couple weeks. OTOH, many of the tiki god images are queued up months in advance.

    tiki god

    They get approved whenever I get around to approving them. All my own posts are queued up as reboot mentioned… and as for the reposts? It’s cause I approve posts whilst drunk. Duh.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    tiki god: maybe you should look into getting sponsorship for the webpage from a local brewery.
    Kill two birds with the same stone.
    I’m not entirely being facetious.

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