Gun Owners Of America T-Shirt


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    haha this is funny cus rosie o’donnel is fat


    The problem is that he is making the opposite point of what he wants.. Sure, guns don’t kill people, idiots do. The question is really: Why do every idiot in America have a gun?


    GIT ER DONE! Yall yankee fucks aren’t taking my guns away! Good ole Georgey Boy is one of us! I aint racist, I just calls it likes I sees it!

    And people wonder why I’m reluctant to tell foreigners that I’m American.


    Cactus You must own a gun. Because you does english speek gewd.

    I will soon own a gun to get my stat boost of STR +5.


    The second Amendment allows me to own a gun, and that Amendment has been proven as individual ownership, (The Federalist Patriot) and I own a gun because I ask the question why should someone such as a police officer have more moral rights then me, why should I give up my right to protect myself and to protect my rights. Oh and BTW I was born in California, a libertarian and an Atheist.


    What’s your stat boost?


    I’m not knocking the 2nd amendment, just the idiots that use the backwards logic that guns don’t kill people. I wasn’t given a fucking spoon or a pencil when I went to Baghdad, I was issued an M16. I never used it, but you better believe I was ready to defend myself or my fellow servicemen with deadly force. I carried that thing everywhere, and later felt completely naked without it. But a gun is a gun. A pencil it used to write, a spoon is used to eat, and a gun (when used) is used to kill. But I… Read more »


    Well I understand where your coming from but Laws made by our government just cause more problems. Mentally ill could be people with depression, or any mental illness, the politicians don’t care. And that shirt is dumb, guns are a tool that is designed to help kill people. But I do like the GOA because they dont compromise for any bill. The government is always wanting to pass laws that protect people from guns etc, but all they do is remove guns from law abiding citizens. Laws passed to prevent people that may be mentally ill will just prevent people… Read more »


    Jack, just out of curiosity, how often have you used your gun to protect yourself and your rights?


    That’s like asking someone who trains in karate how many people they have killed.

    Simply because one owns something, does not mean that they necessarily are trying to use it. Let alone on a frequent level.


    Awesome! Now I can get my car arrested for all my DUIs!

    /Butt Ossifer, it’s teh car’s fault!