HOLY SHIT! NINAS!!! Choose Your Own Adventure


little known fact.  I own chooseyourownadventures.com/ but I have no clue what to do with it

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    Alec Dalek

    It’s okay, I read this one. They are saved by Pirates, in exchange for some booty.


    I thought ‘being saved by Pirates for some booty’ was the script to Whorecraft Episode 1?


    Pirates do ANYTHING these days for booty. Even go from ass to mouth.

    tiki god

    dude, you should NEVER go ass to mouth


    Sometimes, in the heat of fiery ninja attack, it’s ok to go Ass to Mouth.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Seventeen-year-olds nowadays are crazy. They’re up for anything.


    What to do with chooseyourownadventures.com/?

    How about find a script that lets users make their own “choose your own adventures” style adventure, and let them send the link to all their friends. Their friends create traffic and make their own adventures. Let people vote on their favourite adventures, maybe award a few prizes. Throw some ads up on the pages, collect some revenue, and you’re set up.

    As an added bonus, try letting those who are 18+ years old make their own Adult themed adventures? You’d get extra traffic from those who are easily amused and horny.
    Hey, wouldn’t that be most of us MCS members? (grin)


    I agree with SirWishbone, I already want to create my own.


    That would be hilarious;

    “…the ninja emerges from the darkness in front of you; Do you…

    A) Cockslap the bitch

    B) Do the Ninja Secret-Handshake


    Must have this book!

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