Holy Fuck Near Death Car Accident!!!


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    Wait a second…..take a look at the posted on date. It says July 6, 2007. JULY 6, 2007! It hasn’t happened yet! OMG!


    j_bryon… you obviously aren’t familiar with tiki’s manipulations of Space/Time.

    He really post-dates images so he can take breaks and the site won’t go dark.


    I just have to say one thing… how the fuck did that happen?


    Dukes of Hazard episodes + Hicks + Beer = Bright Idea


    freakinswiit (and all): It looks like they were on the road (just right of the car and off camera) and hit the green rail (how else would the rail move outwards) The force of going between the pole and the guard rail forced the car to flip forward, a bit, but the guard rail was the weaker point and gave out a bit, causing the car to lean towards it, that’s how it got wedged in there. It is possible that the car was going the exact direction that it landed, if it was tilted enough, it could have wedged… Read more »


    Thaaaaats where i parked my car…