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I miss the cartoon. That movie was horrible. I mean Shockwave as a cell phone? Megatron as an X-wing? Bumblebee as a Camaro? And honestly…HOW THE FUCK DOES AN 11TH GRADER KILL FUCKING MEGATRON?! BOO THIS MOVIE! BOOOOOOOO!!!!! I mean I seriously tried to give this movie a chance. I had the lowest of low expecations, but come on….seriously…a fucking teenager bringing down the baddest of the badasses? Is it ok to kill Michael Bey and claim temporary insanity and how dumb this movie was?

On a side note…Starscream kicked fucking ass as expected.


Meh, ‘Scream was weak! Frenzy stole the whole show!


Well I was talking about the part where Starscream was turning into and out of a jet to take down those Air Force jets. I thought that was a cool idea. Pretty much all the Deceptions were weak because they weren’t even introduced until the final battle.