It crawls in your mouth as you sleep. Just thought you’d like to know.

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    Sneaky Snake

    God scorpions are scary as fuck. When youre scared you hide under the covers. Bitches are waiting for you.


    I wish I had gone on hoping this was a photoshop instead of looking it up on Wikipedia. I don’t want to go to sleep now.


    Spiders scare me more than Scorpions, but that still sucks.

    Now I feel all creepy-crawly.


    Ahh, they do not crawl into your mouth, ya’ big silly.

    Look at it this way. If you stumbled upon a sleeping giant a quarter mile tall, would YOU crawl into his mouth?

    Sneaky Snake

    If I were a scorpion I would.


    You know that you eat 300 spider in your sleep through your life?


    Got a citation to back up that claim, Hepathos?

    Sneaky — it’d be more fun if he was just about to wake up.


    Now one of my favorite bugs. I’m allergic to dust mites. They eat them. thus I’m happy. Also for those who think these are scary you should look around to see what else live in your house.


    warren – read it on some funfact site, but it’s a well known fact… maybe the numbers change. I don’t really know where it’s origin from.


    “Fun fact” sites are often neither fun nor factual, and stuff on them is the same stuff that’s been floating around, some of it true and some of it not, since before the net was even around. I have no clue why people seem to just accept them as factual on their say-so.


    Considering the crap we all breathe in every day, what’s one more pseudoscorpion down the gullet?

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