Imagine No Religion

Imagine No Religion

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    Okay, there’s no religion.
    And there’s no World Trade Center building.

    … whats new?


    This is what I was talking about in an earlier post, this is a beautifully image. It evokes a strong emotional response (in those intelligent enough to understand it)

    Thank you PJ, for sharing this.


    i dont believe religion sparked 911


    911 was prolly an inside job (notice how the white house didnt get hit?) Bush needed an excuse other than imperialism to intervene in the middle-east, so we can get a steady flow of cheap oil, imperative to a modern economy, thus preserving the Bush cronies’ concept of the American dream.
    It’s doubtful religion is involved, i mean, come on! Israel is much closer than New York.

    Frank McColbert

    How about 911 wasn’t a fake and still used to start a war that couldn’t fail that much harder?

    Also, how do I post new picture?


    any way you slice it religious zeal was involved. Even if Bush did it.


    Ctrl-Alt-Delete; 9-11 was not an inside job. Imagine the competance required to pull something like that off.

    This is an interesting question, though. If there were no religion (I would clarify “Organized Religion”), then the Dark Ages would’ve been a lot shorter and we’d be living on Mars now.

    Frank McColbert

    Alternatively we’d be all dead/live in cave cities/have gained the ability to split chop sticks.


    Religion is like a viral infection. Next to that religion is also a social meme. The existence of viruses allow us to gain immunity to them. Therfore without centuries upon centuries of religious rhetoric, human society as a whole would probably have collapsed with the advent of myspace. Nicely enough MOST of use are immune to the social meme of “repost this or your mother will die a horrible death”. And this is all thanks to religion. -Prozacgod p.s. I did say “most” of us. Obviously not ALL of humanity can ignore those, in this case you must realize that… Read more »


    competence required? doesnt seem like flying a plane into a building would be very hard…


    I would like evidence, please, that the motivation for the 11/9 attacks was nothing but religion. Otherwise I’m going to find it difficult to trust this image.

    Tyler Durden

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Imagine no hatred. Imagine no Jealousy, or greed, or deceit, or violence. Imagine no hunger, or oppression, or poor, or suffering, or ignorance. Though I’m sure none of that stuff really has anything to do with it, so let’s all just ignore the rest of the obvious stuff that causes problems and dream about how much better we’d all be without religion. How about imagining no naivete?


    Sorry, but even if somehow religion were completely wiped from human conciousness, there would’ve still been plenty of reasons for lots of people to hate us. Religion is hard to define. If not for “Allah” or “Jesus” people would just use “Collective good” etc. to fuel zeal such as that. I’m in pretty strong agreement with Durden on this one.


    I would like evidence, please, that the motivation for the 11/9 attacks was nothing but religion. Otherwise I’m going to find it difficult to trust this image.

    Comment by epitome — June 30, 2007 @ 4:04 am

    Well trying to explain it to you would yield fruitless results since you can’t even get the right date of the biggest man-made tragedy of the 21st century for America.


    Obviously typos rule all intelligence immaterial. Thank you for that brilliant rebuttal.


    Hey- Adrominik.

    Alot of Eurpoean countries organize it day/month/year.

    Just because he’s wrong according to you does not mean he’s wrong.

    That said, Religion had nothing to do with it. Religion is just an inflammatory used to get the rest of the people behind the latest jihadist movement.

    9/11 was more likely sparked by socio-economic differences. Bin Laden hated the saudis because they had money.

    Oh and he didn’t attack Israel because Israel has a record of kicking ass when provoked.

    Like defeating 6 arab countries days after becoming a country itself.


    ^^^ correction, I’m not certain, I got the 6 from six days war.

    Let me think, I believe it was

    Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran.

    eh, that’s still six


    More like imagine a system of gov not totally and utterly controlled by international bankers. But yes.. No religion would be nice too.

    To everyone who loves their country, watch this video, you dont have to agree with it, just watch it, then decide for yourself. Religion had nothing to do with 9/11.

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