what has science done


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    Alec Dalek

    A lot more good than religion.


    Haha true. I always laugh at those creationism-vs-evolution debates. You can simply tell who is right by counting what good have they done to mankind.

    For example.

    Scientists – modern medicine, general and special relativity, men on moon.

    Creationists? – well they gave us some sort of old book with gibberish in it.


    Monks/Muslim Theologists – Kept greco-roman learning alive after germanic warlards and/or vikings, famine, and disease had decimated the population of Europe, slaughtered Rome’s educated classes and nearly eliminated all forms of western culture. Made modern science possible.

    Just something to think about.


    Odd, I though the monks spent their time destroying precious knowledge – for example a book written by Archimedes, cleaning it thoroughly to wash away the ink, and writing more jibberish on it during a paper shortage.

    But ill keep it in mind.


    Religion was useful for a time, but the human race has outgrown it now. Think of it like Huggies Pull-Ups.


    lol Archimedes conspiracy theories ahoooooooy! Yes, that’s right, one guy 2000+ years ago invented everything from a-bombs to interstellar travel! Sorry, I’m gonna need a source on that one, Namelis. Not saying it’s not true, but I’ve heard to many BS stories about Archimedes inventing so-and-so and the templars/jews/mansons/whatever suppressing it.


    If we were intelligently designed, I’d like to see a priest tell me what my Appendix does, and why the hell I was given it, if I’m not going to use it.


    I would like to hear a priest give an explanation as well. It would probably be something like: “It’s a transponder for when god must strike you with lightning.” or “It’s the ballast that raises you to heaven or drags you HELL!” As humorous as that may be, I would be interested in what SCIENTISTS will say, in time, as to it’s real function. To wit… Many things have been hastily called: “vestigial”. When a more accurate statement would be: “Right now, we are not sure what it does”. Examples: thymus, pituitary gland, tonsils, and introns. Personally, my money is… Read more »



    Then people that have had Appendicitis are immune from god’s wrath? That’s awesome! xD xD


    I belive you mean “appendicectomy” or “appendectomy”, removal of the vermiform appendix. Appendicitis just means it is inflammed. And no. An appendectomy does not render you immune to god’s wrath. Once again the priest speaks: ” god will use the spirits of dead blood hounds to track your wicked soul”. Keep in mind that the blood hound (most likely) has wings as well. So you can’t out run it.

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