Source of biblical wisdom


Oh, and you wonder who wrote the bible.  I give you: the green man.  or is that the magic man?  (I know there’s most likely a different ‘real’ story to this painting, anyone know anything?)

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    What I want to know is why it has a face for an arse.


    It is obviously a butthead


    I believe the correct term would be “butt face”.


    Four legs and two voices: a most delicate monster!
    His forward voice now is to speak well of his
    friend; his backward voice is to utter foul speeches
    and to detract. If all the wine in my bottle will
    recover him, I will help his ague. Come. Amen! I
    will pour some in thy other mouth.


    Doth thy other mouth call me? Mercy, mercy! This is
    a devil, and no monster: I will leave him; I have no
    long spoon.

    “The Tempest”, Ch4. William Shakespeare


    Medieval depictions of devils often put faces on their asses.


    How can the devil have written the bible? If there is no God there is no Satan.


    I didn’t even notice the face on his arse until you pointed it out, Hoki. That’s just freaky.


    St. Wolfgang and the Devil.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    “How can the devil have written the bible? If there is no God there is no Satan.”

    Maybe Satan is God?

    It’s not like the bible started the creation of God right? What?

    That looks like Xenu showing off his latest draft of Battlefield Earth.


    The piece is Saint Augustine and the Devil by Michael Pacher (1475)


    Nah anus, Battlefield Earth is much longer. 1050 pages on my copy. Great book.


    maxcw if you going try to get techincal Christianity is a branch off of Jewism, So just because there not christian doesn’t mean god doesn’t exist.

    Second the guy his showing the Bible to is already Christian (over sized robes and hat) So its not saying the divel wrote the bible.


    Try and spot the hooker.


    *lol* they say at the head of every church is a devil..

    Alec Dalek

    Maybe Satan wrote the Bible to make humanity miserable. God just wanted us to do whatever we want and be happy. Ever think of that?



    *laughs* You just wrote “Jewism”. Wow. I mean really, “wow” that just made my day there.


    don’t make fun of the Jewists, that’s not right.


    borandi, are you inferring that the book is a price list?
    Tenner says he goes for the full works.
    it’s not often you get to have bumsex and a BJ at the same time.


    This seems to me to be related to Gnosticism, and perhaps not mainstream Christianity, or Roman Catholic as would have been prominent at the time of the picture (weather painted then or representing the era)

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